June 1, 2010

"Meowmorial Day" Itza Patrioticat Day In The USA

        Catzowey! Meowmorial Day izza  3-days Holiday, no work just catnapping and itza da giganticat day in May when purrsons gives pawsative thanks to our Veterans. Yep uh huh, it's fur shure, there are abundacat Veterans who duzn't have da 9 lives like my meowster self. So I stopped, and took a meowment of silence to holds da Flag high on May 31st, 2010 (in betweens purrparing my Barbeque), to purrraise the fallen Veterans and give my abundacat thanks and 4 PAWS UP to the increducatulous purrsons whooza serving our World today.

        Meowmorial Day in the YouEssHay izza 3 day holiday which means weeza  unravels and travels to get to the Barbeque and good foods and good furiends and good furmilies.  So here I am on da Train heading out of San Franfuncisco.
           When me and myself got tooza da train stashun, nobody wazza there to meets and greets me, so me and myself wazza sitting firmly on da baggage purrponding when da ride would arrive. Shhh dontcha tell, but da baggage wazza filled with da Barbeque ribbies and speshule impurrted BBQ Nip Sauce from New OhLeans, to put on da Meowmorial Day Barbeque.

 Inspectacatting da Grill can get yur paws terribly sooty,  sooooo whatza to do now?
        Head to da shwimming pool (I packed the Guido Speedo in my baggage!) to getza da sooties stuff off da paws! Youza dives into da pool, duz a little frog stroke, dives back out with a back stroke  and relaxacatza in da Chaise after a dippity dive and voila, da contentacat  and clean you survives! And youza so squeaky clean now fur da Meowmorial Day Barbeque - everyone izza gonna ooohs and ahhhhs and stare at ya like youza Celebricat!

       Anytime  during da Meowmorial Day Barbeque izza catzowey time fur a good Catpuccino, (speshully after falling into da  nitty gritty grill) so I'ma purressing down on da coffee masheen to make shure the EyeTailYun java comes out into da cuppa justa  right .... in da purrrfecto strong style we EyeTailYuns love.

       Without a doubtacat, me and my smitten kitten self izza advocat for giving da fantasticat service, cuz I'ma  MCAW - "Man Cat At Work".  So here's tooza all da Veterans around the World, cuz, yep uh huh youza been working at giving da service for more than all my 4 years on da Planet.

And befur I begins my week, I wanna say Mille Meowster Grazie to YOU for the abundacat wonnerful "Happy 4th Birthday Guido" wishes last week. I'ma overwhelmed by da outpurrring of cards and gifties and great donayshuns to Pets Are Wonderful Support  all in my name, and I thanks youza frumza every side of my EyeTailYun loving heart.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Natalie~Coffee and a Book Chick said...

So glad you had a furracious and fun time!! Happy Meowmorial Day!!

Curly said...

Hi Guido. I'm glad you had a good Meowmorial Day! My day was sad because my big brofur Stanley went to the Bridge. I'll continue to honor our brave soldiers efurry Memorial Day, but from now on, I'll also think of my dear brofur Stanley on that day.

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