June 28, 2010

On The Cardiocat Pawty Circuit

Look at it this way:  every Year hazza 52 weekends, no matter where youza calls home, youza still got 52 wowza meowza weekends so howza comes ya gotta squeeze all da pawties into 1 weekend with no time to catnap? Catzowey! Me and myself izza exhausticatted cuz I pawtied and pawtied more till my smitten kitten self couldn't pawty anymore. I'ma gonna tell youza how many pawties I went to this weekend but dontcha tell anybody else!

It wazza World Cup weekend so I pawtied at da house of my pal Jackpot the Cat and whata Lion King feast he purrpared! Weeza had abundacat internashunal foods frum all over da Globe so weeza was feeling like internashunal mega meowguls. We man cats opticatted fur furont row seats in furont of his giganticat wide-as-we-are TeeVee, but look at Jackpot's face! Heeza shure looking shockaronied  (like his Mice a Roni box izza empty). My host just heard our YouEssHay Team lost in da overtime. Shuksatini good reason to be shockaronied!!

Trotted my paws into da guest restroom  shure I wazza thinking bout resting) and basta pasta itza still under construkshun and no organicat glitter litter laid yet!

Itza gonna be a fine feline fancy guest roomy di rest for da next pawty cuz theyza installing a sky light fur viewing when youza pooing.

Next pawty was "Tickle Me Pink & Don't Drink From The Sink"! Theyza served pink cupzatini cakes and pomegranate nip Cosmocat cocktails in purrsonal thermoses with yur own feline Flexi straw -  that flattened me fur shure!

Trekked my tootsies to da next pawty where weeza celebrated YouKneeVerseAll diversity and sharing good times with furiends at The 2010 PRIDE PURRade called "Fabulous and 40". I'ma only 4 and I thinks itza fabucatulous to be 4 so imagine how more fabucatulous it izza to be 40.  We pawty animals izza all exactacatically da same no matter what age, cuz we all gotza da same stuff, big loving hearts, luvs to devour chow every hour, and loves our furiends tall and small.

After this whirlwind weekend of pawsative Pawties, I electacatted to bag it! And nowza meowza - I wishes YOU a nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Jackpot The Cat said...

Thanks for sharing your Mom, Guido! She was the best guest ever!

Paws across the hills, Jackpot

Skeezix the Cat said...

That pikcher of yoo and da Jackpot is hillariuss!!!!

Angel Simba said...

Yeowza, that IS a lot of pawties for one wekend!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

fur viewing when youza pooing.......MOL

Kaotikitty said...

I want to SMOOCH you, Guido!!!

Daisy said...

Your life is a social whirlwind!

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