July 6, 2010

OOPSATINI ! Itza Faux Paws Meowment

NOBODY izza ever gonna take a purrfecto foto 100 purrcent of the time, and I knows youza thinks I'ma Hair-Brushed or fixed up by my Staff in my fotos. Go ahead and admit datsa what YOUZA thinking on Mondays when The Guido Gazette arrives. But it's notta true one meowment, so here's some of my favorito "OOPSATINI  Ita Faux Paws Meowments" caught by the fotographer. Kick back, relaxacat da paws after da 4th of July with some more old leftovers that duzn't wanna be leftover till Wednesday, and get ready to have a doggone meowvalous howl. Yep uh huh, itza fur shure youza gonna see actualicatically dat sometimes I has abundacat ups and downzatinis with da fotographers!

WHATZA youza mean my catzowey creamy Catpuccino is not brewed yet?

Dontza fotograf me when I'ma flossing my Feline teeth! Shut dat camera off NOWza puhleeze!

 Yep I'ma having da giganticat Hiss Fit cuz my Mani-Pawdicurist wazza supposed to be here last FurEyeDay! Time to fire and re-hire. Anybody wanna apply fur this pawzishun as my purrrsonal  Esthicatishun & Pawdicurist?

Finally after a meowsage I'ma having a pawsative meowment: definicatically not thinking of these OOPSATINI  Faux Paws meowments of flubbed fotos!

NOWza MEOWza, I wanna you to have a nonCatastrophic week and youza might wanna thinks about what exacticatically putza smile on yur fine furiendly face - yep uh huh! Like purrhaps a full box of Mice A Roni, the San Franfuncisco treat! Can youza mingle while youza hums da jingle? Click on dat Mice A Roni link and yurza paws izza gonna be tapping all day!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Tigger said...

Oh my cats! I love, love your photographs! So funny :)


Kelly H. said...

Guido, sometimes I think you must be Robin Williams dressed up in a catsuit! Even in your faux paws meowments, you are adorable!

Love, Auntie K

Curly said...

MOL Guido! Thank you for sharing those candid purrtraits with us. I'm a ham for the camera myself!

Simba said...

Made my day!

Busby and Raymond said...

Great out-takes Guido!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Guido for sharing those behind the scenes photos!! Loved them!!
Lila Mae Bush

Daisy said...

Guido, I loved seeing your faux paw photos. That second photo totally cracked me up!

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