July 12, 2010

Eye To Eye - OH Mio OH My!

Every two years youza supposed to trot yur paws to da Optactamologist to get yur eyes checked or fixed or renewed. Whatever youza duz, youza gotta take dat Eye To Eye Chart testaroni and it can definicatically rev up my EyeTailYun testosterOHknee!   Cuz I gets impayshunt taking da tests and reading dat inky dinky print. Andza da Doctor doesn't speak EyeTailYun.

BUT when I finishes da Eye examinayshun, I gets a purresent for passing da test and I sees that purrfectly! Check out this giftie bag I'ma opening up  and around and tossing down! Catzowey itza meowvaloso like da giftie bags da artistocats and  red carpet celebricats receive at da Academy Awards - woo hoo life izza CATZOWEY fur shure with da giftie bag galore.

 Basta Pasta and Holy Cannoli! Itza giftie bag filled with abundacat impurrted NIP  and  Pipecleaner Bees fromza somebody's nachurally wonderfully wild  and organicat garden, Ahhh and ohhh how I luvs da great grown NIP snipped with careful caring paws.  Thizza izza more meowvaloso than a faux Rolex or a Gucci-Cat bag!  My giftie bag  deeziner collar izza custom made by CALVIN and if youza wants to purrchase one or get infurmayshun youza can checks it outta atta Calvin's Store - tell him Guido sentcha and youza FOG "Friend of Guido" - I purromise he wontza charge more!

A meowvaloso  tip of da meowment:  Never ever gives up when youza wanna gives up cuz youza might just find da end of da rainbow or da goodies in da bottom of da giftie bag, exacticatically when youza not giving up.

Categorically speaking, I'ma here to ear to tellza youza dat IF youza not passing dat Eye To Eye Chart test then youza gotta tell a furiend and datza not a purroblem cuz furiends izza what ya needs when youza needs to unload da load of not good mews and news. And if yurza MasterCat card izza maxed out itza no purroblem cuz da furiends listen fur free!

Me and Myself wishes youza da mostest fabuloso CATZOWEY and nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Laura said...

I've never seen a cat go so crazy for The Cat in the Clover gift bags! Thanks for pointing cats my way, Guido! You are one Italian hunk of a mancat!

Mary said...

Good advice about the eyes Guido. You really made out with the gifts!!
Lila Mae

Jacqueline said...

Oh, Guido, we just adore you, sweetie!...That must have been some awesome nip if the bag got you that excited!...Happy week handsome...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Daisy said...

Wowie, Guido, you look so handsome in your fancy new collar. Harley is crazy about those pipecleaner bees, too!

Curly said...

You scored, Guido! If there's anything more fun than gifties, it's the bag they come in! The collar and nip are nice too!

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Oooh, good win on the presents! Rip 'em up!

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