April 11, 2011

Grin! Cuz You're Meeting Your Twin

 Statisticats with PhD's (stands for "Purr-House-Directors) around the World say that everybody has a twin somewhere on the Planet, and thatza amazing stuff to purrponder. Thinking about being just one wonderful, super dooper and pawsative YOU is enough,  but then to think about having dat identicatical Twin, well CATZOWEY! Datsa amazing fur shure and could be exhausticatting to the meowximum - like double da stuff.

When youza meets yur Twin, itza recommended to extend yur paw to do a "how duz your Twin self do" paw shake. And then you might wanna try to trick yur Twin by changing quick to the other side, to find out if theyza authenticatically yur Twin! Purrhaps theyza faux twin whooza stolen yur identicatical identity.

Bamzatini! Dat authenticat Twin goes where you goes - left, right or uppa or downza, always passing da authenticat Twin test.

Me & Myself is trying to trick my Twin by looking like I duzn't care - hee hee!  But my Twin is looking exacticatically at me and myself not caring either. Basta Pasta whatza with this Twin that he can't be his own solo self?

Watching my authenticat Twin has made me exhausticatted so I'ma having a solo PurrEyeVat catnap.

Catzowey! Itza like seeing waaaaay tooza many of me - like triplacats!  I'll be back on da pawsative solo track next Monday. Cuz spending the week with my Twin and Me & Myself wazza exhausticatting fur shure, yep uh huh. Phewzatini, 3 of me means itza time for a Meowtini and tuna too.

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Laura said...

Well, I think there can only be one Guido, but it is nice to see that somecat who looks just like you hangs around at the window!

Julia Williams said...

MOL!! Guido, you've pawsitively outdone yer fine kitteh self with this amuzing post!

meowmeowmans said...

Such a fun post, Guido!

Ms. Kyande Kisu said...

Can I kiss you?

ejcmissysmom said...


You should share your tips on choosing tomatoes! At least some pix! You are the produce expert, and this is a great time for furresh veggies!! You can leave one of your twins sleep!! Thanks for another great way to start the week!! Love you! (no matter just how many of you there are!!)

Nancy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Curly said...

Meowmy says that two Guidos are twice the fun!
(Sorry for the deleted comment above...I tried to leave this message but it appeared with Meowmy's name!)

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