April 18, 2011

It's Funny To Meet The Bunny

Itza hilaricatious and possibly hare raising I tells you, yep uh huh -  the Bunny izza funny and somethings is never fur shure, but itza fur shure that this week is the week the Bunny izza coming to town. Me & Myself meeted and greeted him to cat chat bout stuff, yep just cat chatting and having a harelarious time.

Signore Bunny claims he lays Easter eggs in a purrfecto dozen! I'ma purrondering that amazing fete fur shure.

Bamzatini and Holy Cannoli I sees that  'plain Jane' egg dozen turn into wonnerful colorful eggs right befur my eyes! I thinks I met Houdini-Bunny!

Absoluticatically - carrots must be the answer to dat Bunny's magical musings.

A Tisket or a Tasket, whatza in his basket? Purrhaps samples of Crest, Ipana, Colgate, Arm and Hammer, Tom's of Maine and Pepsodent too. The jumbo Hare needs to brush more or visit the Orthodogtist cuz he just has 2 teeth - just enuf for working on dat carrot or enjoying a Carrot Cake but heeza still smiling and out and about. So youza sees, the message is dat somethings just not impurrtant in life cuz da beauty izza inside, not on dat outside.

Wishing you da mostest nonCATastrophic week and make it a Catzowey week!

Ciao & Meow,

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Kisu & Kujy said...

A tisket a tasket, Guido shoulda been in da basket.

Katnip Lounge said...

Ha! We like you eating the carrot, or were you merely tasting it?

Julia Williams said...

Guido, I love the carrot pic too -- but I must get one of those bright pink bunnies!!! I have never seen one quite like that.

Daisy said...

Guido, I hope the Easter Buddy fills your basket with delicious treats!

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