May 2, 2011

Getting To The Wedding On Royal Soil

Of course Me and Myself were in London town for the Royal Wedding and catzowey I was purrivelaged to have my paws behind the scenes with loyal Royal security and top dogs. Checking out the bride's tingling Tiara was the thrill of all my 9 lives - itza da real bling thing fur shure!

Scotland Yards Guards gave me a job - inspectacat the Tiara  - from all sides uppa and downza.

Holy Cannoli! Imagine being the Tiara Transportation Meownager for the rehearsal at Westminstercat Abbey, yep uh huh like the night befur the big day. Without a doubtacat I wazza eyeballing da ancient mice under da Pews, as I purrranced royally and loyally down dat looooong aisle (transpurrting the Tiara of course!).

Itza fur shure the well groomed and a few doomed-dressed wedding guests had abundacat rodents racing around their ankles on the wedding day cuz The Abbey duzn't have a house cat. Hey... there's herds of purebred royal mices in da Abbey with lineage longer than the aisle! Now this guest's couture izza politicatically correct - repurrsenting our fine feathered furiends, our doggone good pooch pals and we meowvalous meowsters.

Time for tally ho, cheerio and HOORAY cuz itza May, my birthday month and I'ma in da pawty mode feeling feline festive fur shure cuz I'ma only turning 5 once.  Are youza curious as a cat to know what I PAWSatively wants for my birthday? Click yur paw right here to see
Guido's PAWSative Birthday Wish List

Wishing youza nonCATastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty



Anonymous said...

AHA!!!!!! I wondered what that hat was supposed to do when I saw it!! Never saw the likes of it before!! It's for friend transportation!!

ejckittylove said...

EEK! I'm not anonymous!! ejckittylove!! clicked he wrong key!! lols!

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