May 23, 2011

Turning 5 = 37 In Human Years! Holy Cannoli!

 All my life I've been waiting to turn Fab Five and CATZOWEY this is thee week itza happening (Mighty Meatzaballs! Didn't get Raptured so I can have my Birthday pawty! Hoorayzatini).   I thought while I'm still 4 plus a little more (like 4 and 7/8's), I'm gonna take you down my smitten kitten memory fotos lane before I furgets what I used to be looking like.   Is it true dat 5 in meowster years makes me 37 in da hooman years? That means I gotta catch up with voting and start acting like a mature meowster. 

Climbing up up uppa is still my favorito aerobicat exercise cuz I likes da birds eye view of stuff specially when I'm climbing Mount Chairamanjaro! This is me at 62 days yungun ... I finally grew into my ears!

Ole and hooray for having doggone good furiends! Billy the Chihauhaha was my first AyaCarumbacat Taco Bell dog pal for a play date. Holy Cannoli look at my tail! Itza got da puffies like a double cream filled Cannoli! Where's my deeziner defrizz cream?

One day right befur my EyeTailYun eyes, Catzowey I turned 2!

When I turned 3 even faster,  I flew to Hollywood on a jet to shmooze da Stars - here's me and Chuck Woolery on the TeeVee film set.  I'ma just checking out his Man Tan makeup -  of course I opticatted not to wear that stuff and go the more meowvalous nachural look but Chuck is Chuck and I am EyeTailYun!

Itza UNFORGETTABLE meowment when I turned 4 and the oh-so-purrty Natalie Cole was holding me amongst her bling while getting ready to sing. Ohhh that wiggled my whiskers & I was waiting for more while I was still 4.

You can get my whiskers wiggling and  have me hugging yur HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUIDO giftie by clicking HERE, cuz it'll take sensayshunal you right over to my Birthday wish list which is PAWSatively cool. No nip toys or mounds of meatballs or holy cannoli cakes is gonna make me purr like YOU donating just an inky dinky dollar or a vacayshun Euro to my furiends at "Pets Are Wonderful Support".

Can youza help me have the happiest fabuloso 5th birthday?  Sure ya can and check out my Happy Birthday Guido Meter! Cuz itza on the rise.

Wishing you a fantasticat super dooper nonCATastrophic week

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


meowmeowmans said...

Happy fifth birthday, Guido! WE hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Katnip Lounge said...

Happy Number Five, Guido! We'll ask Mommy to mosey on over and make a donation.

Daisy said...

Happy, happy birthday to you, Guido! Give is a good age!

Keisha said...

O hai! Happy birthday! And many happy returns. :)

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