May 9, 2011

SAY HEY On A Day In May!

Ever wonder where the term "Say Hey!" started? I do and I'ma gonna tells ya .. my very own San Franfunciscan ball catching pal, Willie Mays made  this Say Hey saying famoso. FurEyeDay May 6th, yep uh huh in 2011, me and myself went to Willie's Say Hey 80th Birthday Pawty at da Giganticats Ballpark - yep uh huh, me and a catzillion others paying tribute and pawtying with  wonnerful Willie. 

Stylish Say Hey pawty hats were given to us - theyza diverse, convertible and reversible. Wearing it this way is purrfecto for golfing or mousing on 9 hole greens.

Meowvalous to be with the aMAYSing Birthday Boy in his BOX when I stretched so much during the 7th Inning Stretch I passed out and catnapped.

Itza fur shure May is the month of birthdays fur Willie Mays AND Me & Myself. WOWza MEOWza I'ma turning 75 years more yungun than Willie and our birthdays izza just 20 days apart. Getting revved and wrapped uppa to celebrate my milestone like he did - hey itza like turning 21 in human years only I'ma not graduating from da Mewniversity. 

Youza only turns fab feline 5 once in yur life, and before I turns 6, youza can tickle me pink and say
The bestest gift youza can give me (and it duzn't gotta be wrapped up so itza Environmentally correctacat) is a donayshun for PAWS "Pets Are Wonderful Support" cuz theyza helps Seniors (theyza not old, theyza mature) and ill humans keep pets in their home when theyza can't take care of the pet - cuz PAWS sends volunteers to bathe yur pooch, bring free pet foods for the pantry, play hide n' seek with your kitty, take the dog fur a walk and take Miss Meowster to the dreaded Vet! Yep uh huh, PAWS is doggone meowvalous and theyza just opened up in New Yawk City!

Dontcha keep me dangling wondering bout my HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUIDO  purresent.
Pssst, come close cuz I gotta secret....youza can give just $1 for every one of my 5 years on this catzowey planet and dat really makes my whiskers wiggle and then I can get down from dangling and have a catasticat birthday pawty!

Wishing youza nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Katnip Lounge said...

Guido, that's a great idea for a gift! We're gonna tell Mommy!

ejckitylove said...

we love what you do, are a wunnerful friend, and a good example of what an inspiration of humanity really is :)

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