August 29, 2011

Getting Crabby With Irene

Trying to tell you exacticatically, yep uh huh, about my meeting and not great greeting with mean Irene.  I'ma catchatting about HurryCane Irene, the pawty crasher at  BlogPaws 2011 . It's the mostest meowvalous assemblage of animal bloggers - life is Catzowey with their blogging paws! And purrhaps even more Catzowey without HurryCane Irene!

Traveling cross country to a conference is good for my Man Cat appetito. When I arrives in a new City, I'm hungry, yep uh huh fur shure, I wanna eat at a local Dive to feel local.  Me & Myself took the plunge and dived into a tray of local Maryland crabs at Captain Pell's which was swell! But definicatically HurryCane Irene's swells were even bigger.

I meeted and greeted everybody at the doggone super BlogPaws confurence! Pssst come close, cuz I wanna tell youza secret. Dontcha tell anybody else but I'ma wearing the American flag cuz I wazza going to the Nashun's Capitol and I'ma purroud patrioticat.

In between the meeting and greeting fine folks and companies, we ate. Seems everybody enjoyed da New Yawk Cheesie Cake.

But the mostest meowvalous meowment for Me & Myself was being in the furry same room with the Rescue Ink founders, Big Ant and Joe Panz. They're EyeTailYuns! Meeting them was a 'pinch my paws am I dreaming' experience, and bamzatini my EyeTailYun self fainted smack on da floor. Thatza why Joe and Big Ant izza holding my bizziness cards, while someone else is reviving me with impurrted EyeTailYun sardine smelling salts from da ol' country.  If youza don't knows about Rescue Ink Redemption  youza gotta reads their web page.  Theyza my heros and theyza EyeTailYuns too!

FurEyeDay night in Virginia, Me & Myself opticatted to go out andza get hammered before the wild child HurryCane Irene arrived - cuz sheeza was on da path of travel directacatically to my confurence, and I tells you this was no blind date. Did a high dive again back at Captain Pel's for a mountain of more crabs.

I give up - I can't figure out why weeza needs a HurryCane Irene cuz there's nothing pawsative about her. She's a trouble maker, a jumbo sized wind masheen blowing da food off of my plate And not even da biggest bag of my favorito Greenies can stay on dat plate when she's around on the ground. Irene creates a bad fur day with a catzillion furizzies, and mean Irene can stop da trains and planes when youza wants to go on vakayshun. She fusses with the busses and Irene makes a Jolly Green Giant sized mess in the garden and doesn't clean up or even recycle. Sheeza just an old bag full of hot air. Arrividerci Irene!

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week filled with abundacat good weather and soothing catnaps!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


rumpydog said...

Bummer about Irene crashing the party, but how cool about them Rescue Ink guys being there! woo woo!

T said...

Guido! Was your mommy there and I didn't meet her? :0

Mary said...

Loved your article today Guido. You will now forget this trip anytime soon!! Hey, I think that the Rescue Ink guys were probably more impressed to have met the Fabulous, Marvelous Guido!!

Julia Williams said...

I was so disappointed not to make it to this years BlogPaws. Sounds like you had a great time even with old Irene knocking at the door. But I have my ticket to 2012 already... and there aren't any hurricanes in Salt Lake!! =^..^=

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Hi Guido! I didn't get to meet your Mommy either but I sure wish I had! If I had I was DYING FOR SOME CRAB and I would have gone with her for some for sure!!!!

I am now following your blog and am super happy to meet you!

Daisy said...

Irene was a big meanie!

How cool that you got to meet Big Ant and Joe Panz!

meowmeowmans said...

Boo for Irene crashing the pawty! But that sure is cool that you met Big Ant and Joe Panz!


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