August 1, 2011

Surprise! Guess Who's Arrived

CATZOWEY! Youza gotta believe it when I tells you August has arrived - today is really the 1st day of August which means we all gotta catnap quickly cuz soon the Holly Daze is arriving.  Wondering if you & yourself are in the know on the Historicatical Amewsing News that has happened on August 1st

Always, fur shure, the 1st week of August holds a speshule place in my EyeTailYun meowster heart cuz itza when I found my furever home. This ancient foto frum my nip laden dusty archives shows me on the left with a person of interest and my real geneticat sisfur, Aurelia, on da right with another person of interest. Me and the sisfur said Arrividerci bambini dat day on August 5th, 2006 cuz weeza selectacatted our favorito persons of interest. Yep uh huh, fur shure youza gonna say it's an ahhh meowment!

 Have you & yourself heard the global rumor circulating everywhere that I growed into my ears later in life? Dontcha believe it! 

When you've having a good time, the time terrificatically flies by like faster than da pizza dough grows.  And itza time to announce on August 1st this year, that I am completely comfy in my ears, finally at Fab Five!  Now puhleeze remember, chillaxing is a superbo way to wait fur your ears to grow up, and relaxing is a fine way to pass the day even if it's not the Guido way! 

 I wishes you the mostest meowvalous and nonCATastrophic week, and purrhaps youza has a fun idea about how to Pawty Hawty the 1st week of August - send your purrfecto ideas. Me & Myself luvs a speshule OKshun which the 1st week of August is fur shure - yep uh huh! 

Ciao & Meow,

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Laura said...

Happy August 1st Gotcha Day, Guido!

meowmeowmans said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Guido! We sure are glad you were gotcha'd into suchna wonderful forever home. :)

Keisha said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Cat! :) I very happy for u.

Mary said...

What a way to celebrate your Gotcha day!! Do it all week!! Have a super week Sweetie and a Fabtacular day Friday!!
Love and Hugs,
The Bush Furs and Mary

Christopher said...

Happy Gotcha Day my dear friend!!!


Julia Williams said...

Oh Guido, that was soooooo sweet!! Happy Gotcha Day to a special kitty. I'm so glad you found your furever home.

Curly said...

Purrs to you on your Gotcha Day, my furriend! Your ears fit you very well now, and you look furry handsome.

Vicki said...

Don't tell Ka - zar I told you this Guido but it took Ka - zar 10 years to grow into his ears. You were such a cute little kitten and now you're a handsome mancat.


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