August 22, 2011

Hydrocatically Speaking

    Oh no! It's the H-Two-Oh factor - which is the combination of meowvalous molecules that makes life Catzowey! What does H-Two-Oh spell? WATER and without water, our whiskers would never ever wiggle and our tongues would never jiggle, and we'd have abundacat wrinkles too premeowturely.
Absoluticatically, youza gonna have different times of the day and different situations when you want H-Two-Oh. And definicatically there are different ways youza gonna be enjoying da water, but thatza yur choice. Nobody izza ever ever gonna say "drink Water my way cuz it starts your day this way"!

Itza impurrtant dat youza always never uses the wrong kind of container fur yur water or yurself, yep uh huh, and this izza Me & Myself sitting scurried and worried in da bad container, called Styrofoam and youza never ever wants to have yur smitten kitten paws in this thing cuz itza PURRtroleum based, and causes cancer and is NOT recycled. WOWza MEOWza - 3 strikes youza out!

Nachurally speaking, there izza way to get good water from the plants - yep uh huh, itza fur shure cuz 98% of all plant materials contain pure water. Catzowey! There is a destructive and non-destructive method to getting da water out of the plants so be shure you investigates the correct method. I assures you this is NOT the scientificatically correct method! 

 Being an EnviroCat can be exhausting so itza suggested youza just kick back and relax-a-cat after you drinks yur healthy H-Two-Oh. When you're relaxed and revved uppa again, life is Catzowey!
Here's to a meowvalous week and make it a nonCATastrophic one.

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Mary said...

We agree about how important that H-Two-Oh is, especially with the hot days this summer.
Hugs, The Bush Furs

Daisy said...

Do not worry, Guido, I will always never use the wrong kind of water container!

meowmeowmans said...

Yes, indeed, Guido! Water is SO important! And fanks for letting us know about which kind of containers to use. :)

Skye Kilaen said...

Good job staying hydrated, Guido! And thanks for lending out a certain someone to visit with us at the BlogPaws conference this weekend.

Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...

Guido, I met your Mom today at BlogPaws!!!

What a cool lady. You must have a ball living with her ... and vice versa.

Golly gee whizzikers but you are SO handsome.


Laurie Eno
The Daily Corgi

Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...

p.s. Guido, here is my Kitten Girl's Catster profile:

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