February 10, 2014

The Guido Guide To A Chillaxed Relax

When youza wants to relax ya gotta chillax, yep uh huh. Youza don't has to be looking at anybody when you and yourself are relaxing so kick the paws back and don't look back and chillax.

Catzowey! You can change relaxing pawzishuns when you wanna be relaxed to the meowximum and chillax both sides of ya so youza relaxing evenly.

Me & Myself is declaring that hugging the sofa can be the mostest meowvalous relaxing moment of the day.

 It's possible you gets so so so relaxed then you fall off yur sofa! And then you pawsatively chillax on the ground and don't look around. Just relax!

Bamzatini! I'm stunned to know I can do a chillaxing relaxing moment. Can you?

Wishing you a purrfectly nonCATastrophic week, every day and all week long
Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Jobi and Fisher said...

Now that's relaxing! Thank you for the good tips and we are all happy over here that you didn't get hurt when you fell. You must have a secret tip for how to do that. We will wait for it.

Humphrey Lee Haunted said...

Yesh yesh, PURRlease do give ush all some tips on how to chillax offa a sofa, right on to dah floor, and shtill beeds that happy?! It must be an Italyan fing, I finks?!

Anonymous said...

You certainly know how to take it easy, Guido!
I hope you guys had a wonderful Valentines Day!

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