April 25, 2010

PURRfecto Pooch Pawty - Doggone Great!

     Youza never ever gonna guess what me and my paws didza this weekend so I guess I'ma gonna have to tell ya what I didza this weekend! Are youza pawsatively ready to hear this?  I went to a Pooch Pawty, yep uh huh, me and myself wazza content-a-cat guests at my furiend  BONZER's pawty.  Datsa Bonzer and me in da picshure. Now thizza is no normal pawty - itza ImPURRted pawty cuz my pal Bonzer lives in ALASKA! YEP, uh huh he flew on da giant bird with super sonicat wings to get here and host da pawty.
 Cuz I'm not even 4 yet, me and myself dontza have da CalEyeFurKneeYah drivers license so my doggone great furiends Josephine & Jolanda picked me up and weeza drove in their DogO'limo cross da glistening Golden Gate Bridge to get to da Pooch Pawty. See howza ecstaticat Jolanda izza cuz sheeza smiling doggone purrrrfectly - wellza itza cuz I'm tickling her ear with my meowster whiskers!

Da pawty guests wazza very diverse (and thatza politicatically correct). Check out these minichure goats whooza discussing which one should introduce themself furst. They didn't knowz I was listening.

Meet my pooch pal MerryBelle - sheeza very merry cuz sheeza flew on da giganticat jet bird all da way cross da YouEssHay from New Yawk - looks like sheeza merrily merry to see me in fine funtasticat New Yawk style, yep sheeza doggone happy to be in here in CalEyeFurKneeYah!

 More WOWza MEOWza -  I'ma so so so happy to be at da Pooch Pawty with my furiend MIA - sheeza from da South of CalEyeFurKneeYah and sheeza one smart Pooch with da strong senses cuz sheeza blind but  Mia knows exacticatically where me and myself izza and datza all thatza impurrtant. Ohhh  Momma Meowster MIA! You makes my meowster heart go bumpity bump bump, just like whenza I'm riding da rails of da San Franfuncisco Cable Cars dat humm da "Mice A Roni Da San Francisco Treat" tune.

 Me and myself wazza stretching out in da abundacat sunrays at da Pooch Pawty about to catnap whenza someone said "Moose Burgers from Alaska Hazza Arrived". WOWza MEOWza, datza Giganticat mound O' meat and  I'ma ready fur my furst Meowster Mooster Burger!

Thizza izza da purrfecto pawty. Meowster Mooster Burgers and Salmon frumza Alaska. Bonzer brings da 27 paws long Salmon, yep, I means furesh from da waters of Alaska - yep uh uh, weeza chowing down on da Barbequed salmon thatza WHITE  not red (dat means there's no Dye Numero 3,4, 27 or 6) and itza better than da salmon in da Fancy Feast can. IF me and myself couldza eat this every day, I'd purrobably have more than 9 lives!

AhTenZeeOhKnee - Itza time fur fun and games and itza fur shure, da Dogs like tooza dip da paws in da water so I dived in da pool with my pooch pal Tillie - sheeza keeping 2 doggone great eyes on me even though I'm wearing my "feline float" Guido Speedo but I furgot to bring my Life PURRsevor to da pooch pawty - hey, I knows Tillie izza my Life PURRsevor in case I can't do da back stroke no more.

My Cat-stylist and da Staff, all had da day off so I had to fluff dry my fur in da sun then I helped out with da fun stuff. YEOWza MEOWza,  I went into Shocksatini cuz theyza shudda had me in da booth dat was 100 PURRcent ITALIANO Dark Roast NOT  wtih da inFURior Colombian stuff!  HEY I'ma the EyeTailYun Kitty! Basta Pasta itza not impurrtant cuz I still gave all 4 of my meowster paws to help with da T-Shirt Drawing and, and AND guessa whatza?  I wins da Catster T-Shirt at da Pooch Pawty! WOWza MEOWza, life is full of SirPrizes!

So mio myo furiends, itza inevicatable youza gonna meet and greet purrrsons dat youza normally wouldn't meet and greet and itza meowvalous to put a furiendly paw furward. Itza just doggone meowvaloso to meet da diverse purrsons of all sorts and sizes. Some got 2 eyes, some gotza no eyes, some gotza fur galore and some gotza almost no fur (oh no tip fur dat groomer!). I'ma furtunate fur shure, to have so many fabucatulous furiends all around da globe and being invited to da Pooch Pawty in Petaluma wazza so so so speshule fur me and myself. So, my smitten kitten self suggests YOU go to a doggone POOCH pawty sometime fur a doggone pawsatively great time.

Wishing youza da nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Jacqueline said...

It looks like Flat Guido had a wonderful adventure!!MOL...Have a great week...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Daisy said...

Wowie, that looks like a fun party! I would love to taste moose burgers. I have never been to a party before.

Kisu & Kujy said...

Glad ya'all had a ball ! (or at least the dogs did ) Woof woof..

Love Kisu and & Kuju Ku .. oops meow.

Harry Spotter said...

You were really busy! Love all the photos!


You were the life of the party!


Unknown said...

Hey Guido youza rally outdidcated yurself dis time. Whata story. Me and Shadow and Boo and klittle Callie Girl wantsta know if'n dem dogs is rally nice? Also dey sure wuld luv to come down to San Franciscocattown and rydda dem trollys wid youza. Dis wus no doubt the bestes Gazette yet. Whoa, youza made are Monday.

Unknown said...

I believe you also met Satiba - The Bunny - from Rotties Rule. She is a gorgeous rottie girl, and my furrend.

Woofs, Freya

tillie said...

Oh Guido, I had so much fun meeting you and playing together in the pool. I'll be your life PURRsevor anytime you get tired of doing the backstroke!

lotsa earlicks,

- tillie

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