January 28, 2007

Is Your Coffee Maker Comfy?

This Meowster wants to have a safe coffee maker in our house, BUT there is more to making the morning java than safety! HAVE you thought about convenience and comfort? I tried abundaCAT models with my paws facing West and whiskers facing East - and I give my "4 Paws Up" award to the Cuisinart: Comfy on the bum while my tail gets steamed nicely (keeps my fur moist and wrinkle free) all while enjoying a good view out the window. Definitely a multi-purpose machine and the cats meow!

Make sure your coffee maker is the PURRfect fit.

Ciao and Meow,
Guido "The Italian Kitty"

January 21, 2007

Pawsatively Perfect Fit

In 7 months, I've cleaned house my way, I've created havoc, I've devoured pesto pizza and lapped up chardonnay, I've redecorated our home and practiced Kitten Feng Shui (oh yes,the door to my litter box faces EAST!), and I've travelled from Maddie's Adoption Center to Nob Hill so what's left?? Shoe shopping - definitely something new for my merry meowster paws. Now how to get these things on!

They say directions come with everything but I can't find them!

Definitely not a good fit - my paws are pinched!

Now that I think about it, I've got enough bounce in my jump without these serious all purpose play shoes, so will try a tom-cat sized LL Bean sporty look on for size.

Realizing I'm not the casual kitty type, I trekked my paws to Ferragamo and Gucci where I spotted some fab fun starry sparkles way out of my kitten budget as my MasterCAT card has a kitten-sized limit. Hey, the bag is even a fantabulous cat toy! And the Feline-Ferragamo is an all-PURRfect purpose shoe: no laces, no fuss no muss no wrestling to figure it out and I can hide all my little mice in this open style, ah ha, I'm a happy cat now. Bellisimo- Nobody does it like the Italians do it. (now if I just had a silk pajama to match my Ferragamos, that would be the cat's meow!)

Ciao & Meow,
Guido, The Italian Kitty

January 14, 2007

Arrivederci Doggy Bags

Star bright, star light, 1st star this kitten sees tonight..
I wish I may, I wish I might - have a big prime rib that I can bite!

Where's the beef????

So much for "Doggy Bags"!

Ciao and wishing you better leftovers than I got in this mini bag,
Guido - The Italian Kitty

January 9, 2007

Mangia Kitty On The Move

Procciuto and smoked turkey were molto bene, and I passed out with full tummy:

Sleep comandeered my attempt to read the Daily Mews!

If I'd only not lapped up that 2nd Cannoli...

Ah life is good as an Italian Kitty!

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