November 28, 2011

Scaling Down With Fishy Feelings

I'ma not cat chatting about Turkey rightovers or Turkey leftovers or Turkey Tettrazinni or Meatballs di Turkey. And there's more in store: Me & Myself izza notta curious as a cat bout how stuffed to the meowximum you are after dat looooong Thanksgiving Day weekend. So what's so fishy about not wanting to cat chat bout Turkey?

Saying ciao Turkey and I'ma scaling down my Man Cat waistline cuz Holly Daze are arriving I hear. Gots my Cat Eyes open and listening to my furiend who says to always get abundacat opinions, not just one, then it's not too fishy.

Holy Cannoli my fishy furiend has steered me directacatically into the deep blue diving land of a family of fishies and I thinks something is really fishy fur shure! Shuksatini, I forgot my Guido Speedo and don't have my immortal Snorkel with me. But itza fur shure, it's better to be fishy and scaling down around town, then to be a Turkey!

Catzowey! Dat looks purrrcisely like my tail!

 Do youza purrponder this fine fishy and Me & Myself got da same DNA and are geneticatically related? Heeza got scales and I gets on da scale; heeza got a tail like mine; heeza likes to flatten out and so do I.  Uh oh, he izza real catfish I thinks!

Me & Myself izza gonna give uppa on fishy fishes tales and pawsatively, yep uh huh it's fur shure, gonna just be a kicked back independacat, cuz itza not as fishy!

Wishing you da mostest meowvalous and nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

November 21, 2011

Abstain From Rain

Gimme shelter! Here in San Franfuncisco the rains have arrived and I duzn't purr when my fur has da Frizz-Eaze, cuz a man cat gots to have all fur in place at all times!  Me & Myself izza always purrrpared and got my bella umbrella within paws reach.

The fairly seasoned weather purrson on TeeVee always suggests getting under something plastic when rain begins. So I immediately dived into my CalEyeFurKneeYah almonds bag cuz itza plasticat fur shure - purrobably not politicatically correct but hey, itza from Whole Paycheck Foods Company so itza gotta be environmentally correctacat stuff.

Definicatically - my EyeTailYun face says I'ma purrturbed and disturbed cuz the rainy drops izza disrupting my catnaps. So what's a guy to do when itza raining dogs and cats and abundant drops hitting my windows waking me uppa? Well I tells youza ....

You pack it up and head over to sit down with the One Youza Luvs and snuggle wuggle in the wain. Yep uh huh itza guaranteed to keeps youza warm in the storm. 

AhTenZeeOhKnee! Thanksgiving holiday arriving this week in the USA and we all knows there were no EyeTailYuns at that furst feast back on da East Coast in 1621. Good thing cuz I hears they didn't serve any pasghetti or La La Lasagna. I shure hopes the day after Thanksgiving izza filled with gob gob gobbles of turkey rightovers, oopsatini I means leftovers  and some turkey tetrazzini too (hey datza EyeTailYun)! 

Happy doggone terrificat Thanksgiving good wishes and I gives da Thanks and da Grazies for YOU being MY furiend.
Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


November 14, 2011

City Kitty Is Busy

Oh NO, itza not my birthday but everyday is speshule like a birthday so I starts it out in a good pawsative mood. I just purrtend like itza really my happy birthday speshule day. Hey..hooza not happy on their birthday?

First thing in da morning youza always wanna open yur eyes and smell the flowers in the early hours - rev up dat Flower Power.

Once a week I gotta get my cup O' catpuccino at Carmichael Salon cuz itza what gets my whiskers wiggling and stylishly spiffed. It's the purrfecto way to start my day the Guido way, and then I goes for the fluff and stuff treatments by the pros! It's kind of likes ordering the super dooper deluxe detailing on the EyeTailYun Furrari without the wax job.

Me & Myself  always reserves a deep moisturizing Man Cat Fur Wash Treatment and I has a whisker trim too. But youza right if youza thinks I opticatted out of their fine facial waxing treatment cuz CATZOWEY I likes my facial fur for shure!

Exhausticatted after starting my day the Guido way, so kicking back and relaxacatting at "Occupy My House" before I move into the next part of my only-in-San Franfuncisco day. 

Youza thinking you're on HD high caffein or watching 3D TeeVee, right?  Hey going to da salon, early morning hour of flower power and starting my day the Guido way wears Me & Myself out and this is the real us - up close and purrsonal. Psssst - come close so I can share a secret with youza:  if youza curious as a cat to know about my 2-tone lips, theyza nachural and not BowTaxed and my ivories are cavateez free.

Remember in November: No check out lines by shopping right here  at a catzillion online stores, while a portion of your purchases goes to dat animal org of your very own choice! All thanks to Adopt A Shelter and their catzowey caring company! Fur shure theyza all takes MasterCat Card or Ameowican Express, ancient dug up Greek Drachmas and purrobably Euros too.

Wishing youza meowvalous and nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

November 7, 2011

Purrfecto Time To Shop Till You DON'T Drop

 I'm hollering like they shout in Kmart, "AhTenShun All Shoppers" cuz I need youza to put down yur warm waffle that's floating in savory syrup, mute the TeeVee and hold the foam from over-foaming on your Catpuccino masheen, cuz I gots news! YOUZA can NOWZA shop from your home puter and your shopping dollars will go to animal organizations who shure are in need of the help.  Thanks to our furiends at ADOPT A SHELTER whooza invented this fine shopping furiendly company - you shop, ya don't drop, hey itza Catzowey!  Catch da super short infurmayshun VIDEO about how it works!  Say arriverderci to aisle exhaustion and shopping cart rage.

Holy Cannoli Is it true Thanksgiving Day izza arriving this month already?  Me & Myself fell right into my Fall basket when I heard dat.

Who said "Life Is A Bed Of Roses?" I'ma curious as a cat cuz we got no roses at this time of da year but we got da leaves fur leaf peeping and theyza furagrant free but funtasticatically colorful.

I gotta hold of a household tip just for you:   always have a dandy and handy item to tie up da colorful Fall branches, so theyza don't fall all over da floor and then youza gets blamed for making that mess. Yep uh huh, itza fur yur purrtekshun.

 I'ma always purrpondering how colorful things get at this time of da year when we gotta not so much sun sun sunny rays.

Yep uh huh itza fur shure, even with far less  sun sun sunny rays during the days, I still got my Job with the Seniors at their Senior Center. Itza more meowvalous than a day filled with sunny rays! Me & Myself always goes to my job purrfectly pawdicured and wearing a good deeziner shirt.

 As the Hollywood mewvie purrducers say  - it's a wrap! And here's to a nonCATastrophic week filled with abundacatnaps and purrhaps a creamy cannoli!

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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