October 26, 2020



It's fur real! Halloween is Boo-Tasticat!! And I got my furst Halloween
dressing uppa lessons from my momma Baci when I was just
a smitten kitten waaaay back in 2006. 
Momma Baci loved Halloween
cuz she wazza orange as a Cat-Oh-Lantern! I loves loves
loves dressing uppa for Halloween so here we go with my
my favorito costumes.

Yup Uh Huh it's me and myself having a mini meowster
 bewitching fine feline time.

 As I grew into my ears, I was hearing 
"Hey Guido you're a Lil Devil" so me & myself
dressed uppa as a Lil Devil!

When I gotta lotta bigger I dressed up on Halloween 
an Aloha-Ha Hawaiian tourist visiting dat Pineapple farm!

 The next year I became an
Australian Cowboy.
 I was meowing "Yee Hah".
Yup uh huh it's true,
while rounding uppa the jumping kangaroos.

 Move on over Signore Johnny Depp - have you met 
Pirate Di Giorno Guido from EyeTailYa?

This izza where my Staff needs to be
written uppa cuz there izza no sense in dressing
my mancat self uppa as a Mouse! 
Purrrhaps Staff overdosed on Catnip-Lattes!
Holy Cannoli my lil sistah Grappa gets the
purrrrize for being a real Lil Devil!  She thinks
her name is "NoGrappaNO!"

Itza meowvalous when ya veg out with the veggies!
 These are bambino pumpkins and someday
they're gonna be big like Me & Myself.

And this 2020 year Me & Myself is dressing uppa
as a Fine Feline FURst Responder ....
Doing house calls for those who need
their TemPURRRature taken or if they’re
hyPURRRRventilating I can help.
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

October 12, 2020

When The Moon Hits The Sky Like A Big Pizza Pie .. It’s Columbus Day!


Basta Pasta !
Today is MY favorite day of the Year.....

Wearing the Italian colors makes me 
and myself
 Purrrrrrroud! (Plus dat green 
matches my eyes.. Italian eyes!

                                   Hee Hee Hee! It’s me & myself wrapped 

                        up in my mostest meowvalous Italian Blankie.

            Catzowey - AM I looking like a Chef di Giorno
on dat Ravi OH OH OH Li can 
 an Italian baseball player?

Nope, it’s not a COPPOLA !
It’s my super duper Italian Ski hat for
when my paws are skiing in the
Italian Dolomites looking for Italian mice,
 Yup Uh Huh!

Holy Cannoli my little fratella (hey dats Italian for Sistah) is 
in the Columbus Day mood too

She’s Grappa and gots a real Italian name like me

Me and Myself wishes meowvalous you a day of 
Roaring Red Raviolis, 
Purrrfecto Purrrrrciuto and oodles of Oh My Pizza Pies!

Amore mi amici!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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