July 1, 2017

Fourth-Tastic and Cat-Tastic-YUP all in 1 week

Catzowey! Me & Myself are in the Fourth-Tastic mood this
week and gonna be doing some sparkling stuff so get ready...

 Holiday time for many but I'm a cat on the job.
Working with my pals, the very special seniors
is so so important that Me & Myself decked out in the finest of
4th of July finery,  cuz gotta be looking
Fourth-Tastic and Cat-Tastic when on the job - right? 

 Catzowey! It's my special senior pal I visited and
when she smiles and I purr galore - we're a real deal 
of funtastic furiends! Pssst .. Forget my Staff
on the left cuz she should be working not 

 Hmmmzatini I got my paws on dat very
special senior's chair so she don't fall
Luv purrrtecting my so so special senior pals.

 Getting comfurtable for sure on my Cat Therapy job
 and  hope I don't get written up by the Manager for
relaxing and chillaxing on the job!

Happy Fourth-Tastic wishes to you in the USA! 
Wishing you a Fourth-Tastic week filled with oodles of  non-CAT-OH-Strophic
 colorful meowvalous catzowey Kitty hugs too!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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