May 21, 2015

Party With Guido In A PAWStastic Way Tomorrow and Today

Catzowey! Me and Myself dressing up in my party hat and my favorito deeziner TIe.
Feeling so so so fine cuz ...
I'm turning  9 on 26th of May. Hoorayzatini let's share a niptini.

I'm not gonna monkey around or run round and round the bush.
I am gonna beg YOU for the perfecto Birthday present. 

Look into my EyeTailYun eyes and then look into
my Happy Birthday Guido present list 

It's PAWStastic cuz I'm begging, yup uh huh I'm begging you to give just $1 
for each year my paws been purring on the Planet. 
That donation goes right to my pals at PAWS  - Pets Are Wonderful Support

Pssst  - I'm partying with the PAWS Staff cuz they do 
meowvalous work helping seniors and sick folks never ever give up 
their pets.
Abundacat thanks to  NUENA Photography for my PAWStastic
birthday pics

Being fine and turning  nine is a big deal for my big Mancat self and my Staff too

Wishing YOU a non Catastrophic week & make it PAWStastic too
Ciao & Meow !

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 3, 2015

ok Ok OK - So I'm Almost a Senior You Say?

Catzowey Catzowey Catzowey!
Here I am almost 9 years ago with my paws taking you waaaaay back
down my meowster meowmory lane .
It's for sure I cannot explain how come I'm so inky dinky and my ears so so so
giganticat! Must be a scientificat reason for this natural phenomenon

 WOWza MEOWza, I tells ya, I'ma smitten kitten here !
And this month of May I'm entering the OH NO I'M IN THE AGING ZONE
which calls for a double creamy catpuccino or a holy cannoli.
I'm traveling down  the meowmory lane cuz I'ma soon gonna be
having a Giganticat Birthday! 
Yep Uh HUH it's for sure

But now, you see I started at the early age to raise my paw
 (awake or slumbering)
when  I needed that AhTenZeeOHknee! Yep Uh Huh it's true.

My big smitten kitten ears would hear "hey the tub is full" SO I always
checked it out cuz I loves my tub of food full but CATZOWEY
This tub was not purrrcisely what I had in my meowster mind.

 Purrrsonally cat chatting with you .... this is my favorito cake
when I turned dat terrible two! But this month I'ma gonna be turning
FINE & NINE FINALLY & gotta giganticat PAWSatively great surprise
arriving for you.
Stay tuned!

Life is purrrreshus (don't catnap too much) and purrrfecto with
YOU being my meowvalous pal.

 I'm wishing YOU a nonCATastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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