April 26, 2009

Better Than An iPod - It's MY Pod

Absoluticatically on my wish list is da "Hepper Pod" - yep uh huh, me and myself has been wanting da Pod fur almost 9 lives now. And now I got My Pod.

Youza gotta knowza my paws and me are traveling da globe all the time fur PURRmoshuns of this and that, and when I'ma home I'm a relaxacat and I likes really molto bene deeezine! (hey, didja ever meet an Italian who wasn't into deezine?) Like believe me and my smitten kitten self when I tellsya, I loves to be comfurtable in a good looking way cuzza I'm a aestheticat!

So me and myself trotted down da beeYOUteeFull Street to my favorite Pet Boutique in all of San Francisco "CHEENGOO" cuz it's doggone catzowey and I met the PURRprietor (she's catzowey pretty too so I gave her a kitty kiss but doncha tell her hubby), then I paid with my MasterCat card and went out da door with my new My Pod, catzowey this is a fantasticatical invenshun. Oh my gosh, it's gotta be frum EyeTailYa cuz my relatives there make the bestest deezines fur everything! My cuzzin is Gianni Cat FurSocksie - now that company is really giganticatically into EyeTailYun deezine.

My Pod is nice and dark inside - itza the way I see youza but youza donta seeza me and it'sa asymmetricatical which is comFURTable too.

My Pod is PURRfect for a diversakitty like my smitten kitten self - I like change abouta every 4 minutes (in EyeTailYun that is quatro minuchee), so wouldn't ya know, I can squish da roof of My Pod down and hope someone comes home soon to pop My Pod back up fur me! I may be waiting a while so I'ma gonna catnap now.

Me and myself wishes you a nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

April 20, 2009

Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

April izza my favorite month cuzz the sun shines and datsa molto meowvalous furza abundacatnaps AND baseball begins whicha is molto meowvalous furza exercise.  My coach sez to always focus on da ball, so I hold it down good and tight to be shurza I am focusing directicatically on da ball.

Me and myself always wears my baseball  hat to play da game - CATZOWEY it's fantasticat coverage fur the fur (I don'ta wanna those UV's having hiss fits on my EyeTailYun skin)  and at da exacticatically same time,  I can beeza catoflauged too in case I strike out nobody knows itsa me!

When the Ball Park announcer says "Play Ball" ... I do, now if I can justa picka uppa my baseball, I can get it out to the mound and over to da Pitcher dude. I keepsa hearing him say "Guido! Get that ball out here nowsa meowsa"!

Doncha strike out this week, make it a CATZOWEY fantasticat week, and PURRomise me, youza be shurza to get a buncha good catnaps in the April sun rays in between da innings - there's 9 innings you know! OH my oh my - me and my smitten kitten self has just learned baseball has as many innings  as we fantasticat felines have lives! Now eyeza knows PURRcisely why I luvs da baseball game - 9 catnaps in between those 9 innings! Meowvalous, simply meowvalous! Play ball and Paws UP furza my San Franfuncisco Giants!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

April 13, 2009

ORANGEcha Full Today?

Believe me and myself  when I tellsya I saw the big bunny on Easter eve  - yep uh huh he was here and he left carrots everywhere arounda my villa and now my smitten kitten  big-eyed self is seeing orange everywhere - I mean the guy with the big thumping feets and and non feline flopping ears  arrived pulling a little red wagon that was loaded with furesh CalEyeFurKneeYa organicat carrots! If youza aska me (you did aska me, right?) I thinksa  the Bunny is color blind cuzza his wagon color clashed with da orange carrots!

Basta pasta! My buffed EyeTailYun self is gonna kicka back and be a relaxacat today because me and myself are so full from all the Easter celeburration meals. If a Pesto Pizza shows up at my door today, I'm not letting it in!  I'm content-a-cat having da crates of carrots to eatsa healthy.So it's whisker licking good veggies for my vegie cat self this week.  I might purr over a pot of carrot zuppa with furesh catnip spurrinkled on da zuppa. Ah ha, you and me both know I coulda take my paws to th Gym to take da aerobicat classes but me and myself thinksa it's more easy to eat healthy this week versus the strenuous Gym workout. Dontcha agree with me and myself?

Now  I wish fur you to  have a fantasticat nonCATostrophic week and don't make it too taxing on Apurril 15th!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

April 5, 2009

Catzowey! I'm Daffy DILLearious

Whoever said "Smell da Roses" has never dived into a  buttery Daffydill and me and my paws are feline flying off da grrrrrround,  cuz I love da flowers of sPURRing - da vibrakitty mellow yellow color makesa my motor hum - no tuneup needed fur me cuz my motor has a catzillion miles warranty!

   Flowers are miraculously beeYOUteeFull and they'sa  PURResent  fromza Momma  Mia Naturale (she's absoluticatically meowvalous!) But ya  gotta  remember to inspectacat yur petals - like check em' out close to beeza shure da flowers are all in tact - that's a tacticatical move and I shure suggesta youza do that. Me and myself luvs da Daffydills almost as much as my imPURRted catnip! 

Amazacatically,  daffodils are fantasticatically popping up sky high over my cat's eye and even behind my ears. Me and myself thinks my daffodils are growing faster than my catnip plants (hey ya know the nip's ImPURRted from EyeTailYa on the big jet so it should be suPURRbo)

Flower power time - but hey, yep uh huh, youza knowza my Enviro=furiendly litter box is is in San Franfuncisco where da "Flower Power Summer of Love" happened more than 9 lives ago. Basta pasta! My smitten kitten self heard a non discouraging word that happy humans were wearin' da flower in derza hair, dayohhhhh -  all day and all of da night (dis is no Banana Boat song but yep  Bananas is the same beeYOUtiful color as Daffydils).   I'ma ready fur da next Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall of Flowers in San Franfuncisco.  Daffydills are popping up everywhere !!
I'm exhausticatted already cuz I found this egg with no momma chicken to sit on it, so I stopped my whiskers from wiggling too much and me and myself are gonna hunker down to keep da little egg warm  and meowvalously safe  till Easter Sunday. Me and myself thinksa it'sa the propurr hospitality ting, warm and welcoming. Can't wait to meet this chick!

I gotta whole buncha Eggstaticat things to wish youza and yourza this week so "Happy Meowvalous Everything" and be shure youza and yurza takes abundacatnaps cuz it's a bizzi week fur shure.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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