August 3, 2021

A Gotcha Day ANY Day Is A Purrrrfecto Day


  August 4, 2006
Me and Myself are being considered for a Forever Home 
                             PSSSST ... dats my real sistah Aurelia on the right yup uh huh                            

                                              Hooray it's my Gotcha Day - yup August 4, 2006                               

                                  Ecstaticat I got a new home and a built-in Momma Cat - Baci!

                                    Mama Baci cuddled me from day one and made me her son

                                             Hey I'm EyeTailYun so I learned to love Pizza early

                                   I sure did become an Enviro-Kitty early - purrrtecting paper!

                                    I got stuck with a Staff who went nutzo holding me up up up!

                                                And I had doggone funtasticat play dates too!

                               In the new forever home it's impurrrtant to learn how to do dishes!

                                            Holy Cannoli ! I gots the VINO Boxes - great forts!

                                            I learned Gymnasticats early- Yup uh huh  I did!

                                       PURRROBABLY an Olympics move.. dontcha think?

                                        Don't tell anybody but I was always a smitten kitten! 

                                          THE END of MY GREAT GOTCHA DAY STORY

                         August 4, 2006 was dat bestest day of my life ever


                                        Wishing you a NONcatastrophic week!

                                           Amore & Kitty Hugs from Heaven!

                                         GUIDO the Italian Kitty



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