September 24, 2006

Feline Feng Shui

Feline Floral Feng Shui and me - now if my freinds at the SPCA could only see me now! Moving orchid petals is a great sport and puts my Kitty Karma in first gear - as in zooom! And I discovered last week that the vase serves 2 purposes PURRfectly: decor for the home and water fountain for this mini meowster.

With the house in a good state and practicing my petal purrfect talents, I decided to emerge myself in mundane household chores (hey someone has to do the job and I'm low man on the totem poll here) and discovered how to play 'squeezing into the laundry basket', while hoping Momma doesn't see me. AND oh yes folks, this Episcocat crossed my paws while chanting 32 Hail Mother Mary Magnificats that I wouldn't end up in the fluff spin cycle or on deliCat dry mode.


So as you've guessed, my culinary buds are in withdrawal - got the normal Friskies Seafood supper supreme and Kitten Kibbles and not offered any scrambled tarragon eggs for Sunday Brunch nor did I see any purrfect pesto pizza delivered. But alas, I heard catnip is en route from Cincinnati - ahh, the imported nip that I"ve heard so much about. Hmmm - how much more wound up can I get???

Baci is tolerating me and I think I've wooed her. Gosh hope she loves me ... AND I do know she she loves me NOT sometimes! Check out the face Momma kitty is making here - the face of tolerance at almost 11 years young.

I'm jumpingfor joy that this week is over and need to get out of the household chore stuff and back into gourmet caravancery - would prefer jumping for procciuto or cheesy raviolis and if you want to FedEx some gourmet Guido delights, yeah! Being Italian is tough - I need my food fix.

September 20, 2006

Espresso Cat On The Move

My kitten antics find me deliriously embellished into anything Italian – hey I’m the Italian kitty,so I start my day with a PURRfect pound of Italian roast coffee

Then I take my MusiCatical lessons and am learning the Do Re Mi Meows.

Later in the day, I chow my mini molars into great gourmet cuisine- Friday was roasted chicken and tarragon sun dried tomato zucchinis. Friskies?

And what’s a day without drifting into a heavy kitten slumber to get ready for our evening cocktail party.

I did a blind taste tasting and am giving the French Roquefort 4 paws up.................

So it’s a just another wonderful week in San Fran! Ciao and Meow to you

Housecat Housekeeping

Guido Alberto here reporting on a wonderful week and although I’m not even 4 months old yet, I spent most of it doing housekeeping in lieu of playing – hey a guy has to do what he can do to earn his board around here! I put my PURRfect little paws into Williams Sonoma 100% “No Snag In Site” towels that are soothing on my inky dinky pads. No fake fibers for this feline!

Then I ventured to the bathroom where I spent most of my day separating trash as we recycle so that we’re a politicat-ically correct household here on the Hill.

I got wrapped up in my work!

4 hours later, I was still wrapped up in my job – housekeeping is not for me! I prefer pizza box shredding over this.

A multitude of you have asked how Baci is and she’s the greatest kitten Momma at her senior age! We wrestle daily and she is making me mind my manners and cracks the kitty whip around here. The exercise is good for her full figured feline waistline!

PURRfect Pesto Pizza and Me

Hey it's me Guido to tell you life here atop Nob Hill is fantastiCAT. Baci our red tabby kitty momma extraordinare and I sat at the huge dining table for hours hoping for food-eganza and voila, we had pizza delivery and I went bonkers for my 1st pesto pizza smothered with mozzarella bathed in procciutto sitting atop an organic cornmeal crust (it’s far more than my kitten vocabulary can conjure up). So then, pooped to the max, I then recycled – that’s what Momma says we should do – so I sat in the recycle bag! Too much Italian food and recycling activities can do a guy in, so I kicked back in my Jungle Bed with Baci, to enjoy the 3-day holiday weekend.

Catzowey - Guido Has Gusto

May 26, 2006 - a very fine day in San Francisco when Guido Alberto was born, not as Guido though, but as a peculiarly small striped kitten with no name. Success has its cost and this little rambunctious guy spent his first 60 days of life on the planet, circling a number of foster places all thanks to the San Francisco SPCA. Yo Maddie's Adoption Center on Florida Street as they found this giggly guy at the SF Animal Control, and nurtured him until he was ready for finding a permanent household.

Saturday August 5th rolled around and in rolled his new owner, soon to be known as his Landlord and Banker, who was wooed by his lion sized purr. The rest is history -and Guido is on his adventures - life with gusto!

Funtastic Finer Niners Funday On Sunday

  Up here at the Rainbow Bridge, we all have da front row seats with a Birds Eye view of da game. Yup it’s gonna be a purrrrrfecto funday Su...