January 31, 2015

It's Super Dooper Bowl Time At The Man Cat Mansion

Catzowey! All paws on the Planet know it's Super Dooper Bowl time and Me and Myself
always enjoys this weekend of enjoying the Bowl ... sometimes a bunch of Bowls too.

Didja ever purrrponder who's playing in the Bowl?

Me & MYself likes to feel what the opposing team member is up to right at the start of the 
Bowl game. Yep Uh HUH!

Hey! It's  Super Dooper Bowl weekend and life is meowvalous
just being at the Bowl if it doesn't take a toll on ya trying to figure out if youza at the 
right bowl or not.

 AND I tells ya, yep uh huh it's true that this 2015 Super Dooper Bowl game is  so so so speshule that I decided to bring along my lil sisfur Grappa. Itza her 1st ever Bowl Game. Go Grappa Go is sure better than her hearing No Grappa NO.

This Super Dooper Bowl is MY kind of Bowl!

Now you really do know I loves a good BOWL, right?
And I wish YOU a super dooper nonCATastrophic week too

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

January 21, 2015

What's Whisker Licking Wonderful & Probably Tasty Too?

Catzowey !  What could Me & MYself be tasting that's so so so meowvalously
deeelicious and whisker licking wonderful?

It's not gonna be this artisan artichoke cuz it's tasty
 but its purrrrickly leafs not gonna makes my whiskers wiggle. Nope.

Do ya hear,  the beer is here and that could be wiggling my Man Cat 
whiskers cuz it's Anchor Steam made in my city of San Franfuncisco since 1896 
which is just an inky dinky bit before I was born.

Now whatza so so so whisker licking wonderful?
I'ma curiousas a cat to know.

 Eggstatic - yep that's what whisker licking wonderful is all about.

Holy Cannoli itza my lil sisfur Grappa photo-bombing my session.
Oh NO Grappa NO !

Now you know, I'ma wishing YOU a most nonCATastrophic week,

Ciao & Meow !

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

January 13, 2015

MUTT Status For The Meowster

 Catzowey Catzowey!  I gotta put on my google goggles to see if I am really
seeing what Me & MYself are seeing ....

My food loving self is not cooking pasghetti & meatballs on Food Network TeeVee
but I has reached Celebricat status. Yep it's for sure I am the "My MUTT of the Month"
even though I am a Real Registered Rescue meowster.
Psssst, if youza curious as a cat you better 
CLICK YOUR PAW RIGHT HERE to see me in my new celebricat role!

It's for sure my EyeTailYun eyes got themselves focused on My Mutt poster thanks
to Pet Food Express whooza honoring me this month with this ecstaticat honor of being a
cat on the job!

Please pinch my paws as I may be catnapping and dweaming.
If purrrhaps you are in my City by the Bay (hoorayzatini) , get on over to Pet Food Express on Market Street to see Me & MYself framed.
It's for sure it's more better to be framed on their wall than on a Postie Office wall!

Cheers to you having a nonCATastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

January 5, 2015

Roll Over Rover Cuz It's a MEW Year

Holy Cannoli ...  Me & MYself rolling over like my pooch pal Rover cuz, well cuz we've rolled into a MEW Year!

And dontcha know that a purrfecto MEW Year involves being stylish.
"Cat Hair - itza both a Condiment & Fashion Accessory"
Yep uh huh! Datza true & I wears my cat hair 24/7 !

 Lickity splickity my paws jumping for joy cuz I'ma so so so happy to roll over
to the new MEW year!

 Catzowey! Youza roll on over Signore Rover and try an EyeTailYun Man Cat pose like this!

Happy MEW year and good meowvalous wishes for a keen 2015 to YOU!
Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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