December 24, 2017

Working on Christmas Is Making Me Purr For Sure

 Catzowey it's Christmas and I've had no time to be relaxing and chillaxing cuz I been on the job (you know my Animal Assisted Therapy job) - just like Santy Claus is busy working this week. But I found my EyeTailYun stocking & hung it - Hoorayzatini!!

 Testing my ManCat vocals for doing the 
Fa La La Ha Ha Ha song.

 On the job with my favorite 32 special
seniors where I been working since I was
a young-un at one!  This is me passing out 400
Christmas Cards this week and looking a lil
Holly Dazed too.

 Change of Holly Dazed outfit for the next job when 
I visits a nice guy at his nursing facility.
Dontcha think this is gonna makes him
laugh alot? Ho HO HO and alotta Ha Ha HA!
Catzowey it's another meowvalous Holly Dazed
outfit change cuz I'm working Christmas Eve at the lovely
Conventry Place assisted living house - gonna
be trotting my Holly Dazed self through their
dining room at lunch time to schmooze with 
all the nice folks.  Psssst ... the receptionist is 
kinda giddy over me checking in!

 Making merry and spreading the love is meowvalous & I luvs my
Animal Assisted Therapy job. Now I'm gonna
kick my paws back and take some ornaments OFF
the tree in fine feline style. Yes, OFF the tree cuz I'm still a
smitten kitten.

Me & Myself wishes wonderful you the most
magical Christmas week. Hoping it's non-Cat-astrophic.
Paws up to my amazing photographer
cuz this is my favorito pic ever.

Buon Natale!
Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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