August 26, 2007

The SuPURRfluous PURRfect Purse Guide

It's a kaleidoscopicat thing: we felines revel when jumping into or hanging out in purses. Nobody in their right meowster mind wants to wear or play with shabbycat stuff at all: that's a sure way to produce a hiss fit!

There is nothing de-catlusional about finding a multi-PURRpose purse ( you won't find it at Needless Markup or Meowcy's) ... but infactacat this design is the best find for a feline, because of it's suPURRfluous PURRfect diversity: stellar design, agility to stretch stretch and stretch while tumbling within, and comfort for curling up after the exhilarating exercise of dangling from door knobs.

Wooooooooeeeee - Feline fantasticat dreams have come true: the SuPURRfluous PURRfect bag is capable of swinging 360 degrees around any doorknob on any continent below the equator or above. Extra added support: might be utilized as a kitty jumble jungle gym.

WARNING: An improPURRly designed bag can cause Meowster malaise - so be sure to carefully shop till you drop into the right bag! Set your Meow Mode - and get into the bag du jour - it guarantees you'll be a contentacat!

Ciao and Meow
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

August 19, 2007

Feds Cut Rates & Feline Cuts To The Chase

I'm a smart cat (not fat cat) dreaming of retirement, - you know, like when I can kick back my paws and just catnap all day. But this economy of ours is catapulting me to take a look at relocatting to Europe - on my fave feline airlines Alicattalia of course, maybe to Catalonia, where the Euro can buy me prime vintage catnip at low prices. Dreaming is fantasticat isn't it? So I got myself a Native American dream catcher (supposed to catch the dreams they say) and I caught it good, but nothing happened!

Being the feline foodie and gourmandacat that I pride my paws in, I dreamed about the PURRfect lunch with decreased funds and my new mini meowster budget, and pronto, here was 'il menu di giorno' (of coursa thatsa Italiana becausa Ia ama Guido the Italian Kitty) A molto meowvalous menu offering Sardine Soufle and Canary Casserole but the chef forgot the Mice a Roni!!

California dreaming is what I do best and in this lax-a-cat position I've been known to do my best dreaming. I'm purrpondering over whether my dream catcher is working or not though as it doesn't have a money back guarantee. Oh well, I'll keep on dreaming in fine feline style and hope you do too!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

August 12, 2007

Kitty Kowtows To Towering Critter

You saw Out of Africa - well I'm living in it when I opened up my robustacat kitty eyes one morn to see I was sureally surrounded by truly tall critters - and this is no tall tale! Suddenly I feel as if my smitten kitten neck has room to grow.

This land o'legs makes me catoclysmic!

Catzowey I may become an endangered specie if she engulfs me with that neck of hers..definitely would be a galactikitty experience!

The long of it is -you might call me an opportunisticat - but those long legs just might make a catzowey kitty race course! Scratch posts? A feline fort? Hang a hammock between them for a catnap? PURRfect possibilities for a jungle gym!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

August 5, 2007

One nonCATastrophic Meowvalous Year

CAThartically speaking, I moved UP town when I was adopted August 5, 2006 at Maddie's Adoption Center in San Francisco. Woo hoo and 4 paws up for the San Francisco SPCA and the fantasticat 2-legged staff and volunteer folks who make it great for we 4-leggeds. Ok Ok, I know the year zipped by, but if you want to know where the year really went to, just take your paws back through the Guido Gazette which has catapulted me to a place I never thought my mighty meowster paws would reach. Think back folks: I had a rough start with 3 homes in 61 days of life, so to celebrate my 1 year anniversary in the PURRfect home, I went shopping for what else: catnip and bubbly! Definitely saw abundacat sizes of bubbly bottles to tickle my whiskers.

Not to sound catty, but there is nothing like French bubbly and imported catnip coupled with a PURRfect catnap in midst of a celebration...

You don't see her often, but I owe all my mighty meowster manners (yes, I do have some meowster manners - not seen often but really do have a few!) to my wondrous Kitty momma Baci who isn't much for the lime light and preFURS to lounge around as a diva cat in the sun rays. Being the adoring surrogate son, I wanted to do something spectacucat for Baci, being her royal red tabby self has put up with me and my smitten kitten antics for 1 year. So ... I took her to lounge in her favorite kinetic-kitty sun rays - real chaise lounging for we kicked back cats! Just call us .....

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

Funtastic Finer Niners Funday On Sunday

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