October 28, 2018

I'm Dressing Up Down and All Around For Halloween

Catzowey and more Catzowey ... didja hear dat time
of the year is here?  Yup uh huh it's for sure
it's time to start not being yourself! It's just 1 day of 
the year when you can be someone else & nobody cares
 Hoorayzatini it's Halloweeny!

 Do you have a plump pumpkin pal who's having a
really bad hair day? It's purrrfectly fine cuz it's yur pal. So
just give em love & suppurrrrrt.

 Aye Aye - all eyes & paws on board was my Halloweeny
costume a few years back - move over Johnny Depp cuz I hear
the ladies luv me like they luvs you and your meowscles but i
got mancat meowscles too dude!!

Hee Hee Hee - everybody has a lil devil
in themselves - yup uh huh it's for sure.
Don't you?
 G'day Mates! I'm having an Aussie-tastic Jackaroo 
Halloweeny and feeling like a real Bush-Ranger dude!

Oh please! Staff thought I should dress up as a Catzowey 
California Veggie! Really? I don't think this works for my
organicat self!
I am interviewing for new Staff so puhleeze send resumes!
Halloween doesn't has to be scary -  it's a great day
to hug n' luv - it's meowvalous!

 Aloha ha ha ha ha!
This year 2018 Me & Myself are dressing up
as .....
A Great Hawaiian Tourist!
Meowvalous Mahalo's and you be safe on

Ciao & Meow!

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