June 24, 2007

Tip Toe Through The Tomatoes

Summer Solstice, sun rays to lounge in and organicat vine ripened tomatoes - catzowey summer is here! So when this health conscious authoriCATive kitten selects the delicat fruits of the season, I take care to pawsatively choose the finest of the vines.

Be wise like an owl (WHO?) and check your produce PURRfectly. Don't be afraid to get in touch with your tomato - visit all sides of it from all sides.

And what to create with my vine ripens? Pots of Puttanescat red sauce,Seafood catserole, Tomato infused catnip soufle or forgot putting your paws to work have fun - big beefy tomatoes make great hockey pucks!

Ciao and Meow and wishing you terrific tomato shopping!

GUIDO-The Italian Kitty

June 17, 2007

Lady Catterly's Love Goes Catzowey

CATSCANDALOUS is the movie theme and my smitten kitten ears perked when I heard about the new Lady Chatterly flick being released. And my wild whiskers went on point just thinking about the beautiful aristoCat heroine and the nimble not-so-Tom Kitty-dude in the flick. So what does a mighty maverick meowster do to sooth his woes? Hit the wine bottle - OR did it hit me??

If I'm going to meet the Signorina Catterly, I guess I should brush up and brush my molars but how to get this tube open??

Ah Ha, maybe I need to forego the feline formalities, after all I'm Guido The Italian Kitty. Purrhaps it is big time best if I just act naturally, you know, my paws up and my Catitude at full mast - I'll win her kitten Catterly heart and Catcapture her into my welcoming pawsatively mighty meowster paws.

A Summer tale tip for you: do your catzowey best and give someone a kitty hug!

Ciao and Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

June 10, 2007

Shop Till The Paws Drop

What do you do when you need a perk up? GO SHOPPING! So off I went to Union Square and being the envirocat that I am (and hope you are) I took along my own cloth shopping bag - such a blissful blue color don't you think?

Popped out my MasterCat card and PURRchased these widdle wed wocks at Neiman Meowcuss for my flower vase and had a kittenish time trying to arrange them - definitely the sales tag should say "recommended for consumers over 2 feet tall".

Mama mia and a double catzowey - shopping is pawsatively exhausticating. True blue to the saying, I shopped AND dropped (no not my blue bag, but my smitten kitten self), zeroing in for a landing on the sofa sunray. Great time to replenish my catatonic electrolytes - you know, that DNA that keeps me PURRky and on my paws. All Italians take afternoon naps, haven't you heard it's the vida di Italia! What other way of life is there????

Wishing you a blissful week!
Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

June 3, 2007

Meowvalous Week Kicking Back The Paws

Recovering from my 1st birthday soiree, it was necessicat that I kicked back this week doing nothing, which is sort of what I normally do, but I managed to do more of nothing in a grander way. Watched Desperate Catwives from my favorite Not-Flicks CATalogue starring Eva Longtailgoria and Billy-Bob Bird. And I caught Pirates of the Caribbean - don't you think those swash buckling dudes look like the Three Mouseketeers .. I mean Musketeers? Johnny Depp has catitude that rocks my paws and has the women Purring too.

Speaking of Desperate Catwives - my new neighbor brought her diva paws over to borrow a cup of catnip. Catzowey, she could use an Extreme Makeover!

Next week I expect to be wound up again and entangled in my multitude of kitten antics.

Ciao & Meow to you,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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