April 29, 2007

Mews On Over Home Makeover

My 11 month old kittenish mind is inspired wildly by the bountiful beauty that our world offers us and lucky me ... I've got weekly fresh florals to my paws delight and to play with too! Rumor has it one should smell the roses in life, and relax too, so I've put my kitten nose to work to greet the gladiolias as I didn't see any roses anywhere. Might you think I've a future career in fabulous Feline Design or at the house of Feng Shui Feline Florals?

Flower arranging is tiring and I'm kitten maxed out! Did you ever wonder how Extreme Home Makeover does what they do or how Martha Stewart kept her cool when the petals pooped over? Whew, I need catnip to refresh the kitten in me and get these petals back to paws level! What a way to start my day ...

April 22, 2007

EARTH DAY From a Kitten's Paw Point

Everyday is a Guido Day - tons O' fun and a 24 hour experienzia for this Italian Kitty. But Catzowey ... this frisky feline is not frivolously wastefull. I'm an Enviro-cat who wants to help make my planet safe for the next catzillion feline residents and you too. So on this Earth Day my PAWSatively purrfect self checked our faucets and found they flow far too freely and what a CATastrophic waste.

You too can be like my smitten kitten self - a concscientious civic-minded cat watching your drips and drops. This is no Desperate Cat Wives tail - it's the environmental cat's meow ... and how! PS - Rumor has it, I've got 9 lives, and you don't! Please protect our Planet - and help make it PURRfect again. Every drop counts!

Ciao and Meow
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

April 15, 2007

Rub A Tub Tub and Happy Spring Cleaning

Sun rays are popping thru, I didn't have to file taxes because I've been unemployed since I was born, and I'm feeling like a Spring Clean (No no no - not the house, me - Guido.) Basically you could say, I want to wash away the stress and take a bath, like you 2-leggeds enjoy. So what better way to start my day than with a double bubble catnip infused bath - if I can figure out how to twist that faucet on. Catzowey - it's not kid proof, it's paw proof!

Definitely I've got a super commanding view from inside (feel like I'm Commando Cat at the helm of the ship -"Mice Ahoy Mate!") but what's one to do with this curtain thing? Bathing is just too CATstrophic for this mighty meowster.I'm pretty sure my paws prefurr to just hang out or maybe hang over. There might be no need to shower afterall - this is the cats meow!

Ciao and Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

April 9, 2007

EGGstatiCAT Over Easter

I know, I know, and I really do know - I'm not looking content-a-kitty here but you wouldn't be either if you were on Patrol ala Lapin aka, Looking Out For Da Bunny, all weekend. If I'd been informed Easter week was this much fun, well I'd have insisted on being born sooner! But someone told this 10 month old smitten kitten I had to be on "Bunny Patrol" (earning my board and sun dried tomatoe brioche atop S'nob Hill before I could egg hunt). Without a doubt, I PURRformed- all night long protecting my abode and litter box from these little "bun buns of the season" - hmmm, some looked 'mighty meowster' tantalizing to my Italian tastebuds (do you think that little green guy might be a pesto bunny?).

Catzowey I may have catnapped and blinked for a kitten nano second.Where did these things come from???????

I'm game for my 1st Egg hunt but who in their right mind would hide eggs in a linen closet!?

Hoping your Easter week was fantabulously nonCATastrophic and wishing you a PURRfect next week,

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

April 1, 2007

Deep Sea Diving Egg Hunt

One week till Mister Mighty Bunny arrives (dare I call him "dude"?) and my first Egg Hunt is on the horizon so I practiced finding eggs in quite the inconspicuous places. When I nose dived into this humungous 2 feet deep vase, I heard "No Guido No!" when my kitten ears should have heard "Go Guido Go and hold your breath smitten kitten!" Chuck the egg basket, I need a Snorkel and feline fins for this 'find the feline's fine egg' event which should be in the Summer Olympics!

Rumor has it chocolate isn't good for we felines so I got myself a catnip egg to test - hmmm not so bad but a tad rough for my taste.

I'm lying in wait for this Bunny dude...
Deep Sea Egg Diving, Faux Feline Egg Tasting - Whew... I think I'll vote for a catnap...Easter tryouts are exhausticating!

Wishing you a PURRfect and nonCATastrophic Passover and Easter!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

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