August 16, 2020

CATZOWEY - Guess What Occurs Every August?


Meowvalous Me & Myself got my Forever Home on August 4th 2006 
14 years ago   ... Yup Uh Huh
That’s August 4th 2006 - and look at me with my new Momma Baci!
She sure kept me in line cuz she’s an EyeTailYun momma cat and 
EyeTailYun Mommas don’t mess around!

Immediately I learned how to give the Staff “the Cats Eye” 

And it’s for sure I became an Envirocat at an early age teaching my Furiends
around the Planet to watch your water! Yup do not waste your water! Watch it!

Envirocat Me got into purrrrtecting paper too - cuz that’s what an Envirocat does!

Meowvalous to be up on  high places looking at the whole Planet !

Now 14 years later Me & Myself is a
Dapper Signore Cat styling and smiling at life cuz
life is meowvalous.

And pssst... 
I tells ya I’m kind of wishing  Me & Myself was going to the 
Academy Awards for some dressing uppa
and  funtasticat stuff and star watching too cuz I gots my
RayBans ready for star watching.
 But dangzatini it’s closed to us Meowsters this year they say.

But better than the Academy Awards is my meeting Missus Barbara years ago
at my Certified Animal Assisted Therapy Job at The ARC of San Francisco seniors
center where Me & Myself has volunteered for 13 years
YUP uh huh safe to say I been working all my life.

PSST.. not sure if ya knows but 4 weeks ago I got a Doctor who says I has 
Stage 3 Kidney Disease  (My staff hears there are 5 stages) - so puhleeeze cross your paws for me 
I’d be so so so grateful if ya can do dat. 
I just wanna keep on giving out purrs galore to everybody I 
loves so much- and dats YOU!

So Folks, I loves loves loves ya!
Be Safe & Stay In Touch With Me,
and please have a nonCATastrophic week,
Amore &
 Ciao & Meow too
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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