December 22, 2018

Tis The Season For Some Ha Ha Ha & Some Ho Ho Ho

Catzowey! It's Cwismus time and I went out this
week to meet & greet the real really Santa in 
purrrson! He's smiling and didn't show any
stress from his busy week
He rocks to the Meowximum

Holy Cannoli - My EyeTailYun self has dressed up
in fine Holly Dazed fashion to visit my very
special seniors where I have my job as an
#AnimalAssistedTherapy cat  yup uh huh.

Hmmmmzatini! I'm trying to give Santy some
Santy Hat competition - what's you think?

Oh My Golly Ya gotta do the Fa La La Feline Chant Nowza Meowza

 Hmmzatini - I seem to be in love with Missus Claus
and blame it on my being EyeTailYun - cuz
we loves loves loves the ladies! Psst it's the time
of the Year to spread hugs!

Dontcha tell anybody but this is my 2010
chillaxing & relaxing on the Tree branches.
In my youngun days I was a wild child!

Pssst  It''s me and my sister Grappa  doing the Holly Dazed Pose. 

Buon Natale! That's EyeTailYun for 
Merry Christmas and I got my EyeTailYun
stocking ready for Santy Paws to fill

Me and Myself wishes you a meowvalous non-catastrophic
Holly Daze.  Be safe and warm and just know I love you and ya 
don't need to be doing Cwismus events cuz we all don't need
that stuff.  You are adored... yup uh huh you are! Buon Natale 
my friend!

Ciao & Meow & Buon Natale!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

October 28, 2018

I'm Dressing Up Down and All Around For Halloween

Catzowey and more Catzowey ... didja hear dat time
of the year is here?  Yup uh huh it's for sure
it's time to start not being yourself! It's just 1 day of 
the year when you can be someone else & nobody cares
 Hoorayzatini it's Halloweeny!

 Do you have a plump pumpkin pal who's having a
really bad hair day? It's purrrfectly fine cuz it's yur pal. So
just give em love & suppurrrrrt.

 Aye Aye - all eyes & paws on board was my Halloweeny
costume a few years back - move over Johnny Depp cuz I hear
the ladies luv me like they luvs you and your meowscles but i
got mancat meowscles too dude!!

Hee Hee Hee - everybody has a lil devil
in themselves - yup uh huh it's for sure.
Don't you?
 G'day Mates! I'm having an Aussie-tastic Jackaroo 
Halloweeny and feeling like a real Bush-Ranger dude!

Oh please! Staff thought I should dress up as a Catzowey 
California Veggie! Really? I don't think this works for my
organicat self!
I am interviewing for new Staff so puhleeze send resumes!
Halloween doesn't has to be scary -  it's a great day
to hug n' luv - it's meowvalous!

 Aloha ha ha ha ha!
This year 2018 Me & Myself are dressing up
as .....
A Great Hawaiian Tourist!
Meowvalous Mahalo's and you be safe on

Ciao & Meow!

September 1, 2018

Laboring Away on Labor Day in the USA

CATZOWEY & more CATZOWEY! I think I've been a basket 
case these past weeks AND my mancat self has missed ya

Remember it's September and the sun shines
shiny rays on those who seek
the sunny side of life and that's me for sure!
Always looking to catnap on dat sunny side of
the street even though I'm a City Kitty! Hee Hee!

AND if you can't start your day on the sunny side of the street
well - try having a multi-cat functional fun coffee machine!
PURRRRduces coffee for the Staff and warms my buns!
Totally happy household!

No more monkeying around for me - I'm back
on the job - as an Animal Assisted Therapy man cat
and visiting a friend on FurrrrrEyeDay August 31st.
She's in a San Francisco hospice.  I'm staring at her
cuz she cannot see me no more. But I know staring 
at her helps her understand she's loved to the 
meowximum and I wore my good Tie to visit her.

My "No Monkeying Around TIE" was backwards 
but my friend in hospice didn't notice. 
I just wanted to hunker down here between her
legs - She's a cat lover and I luvs her so so much

YES YES YES  - nothing LESS!
Life is good and I'm smiling looking at needlepoint
an amazing purrrrrson made of me,  your EyeTailYun pal.
How many hours did it takes her special needs self to create
this master cat piece?

Life is good!

I wish you a NonCATastrophic month!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

July 2, 2018

Red White & Mew and Me Too

Hoorayzatini! My EyeTailYun self loves loves and loves the
4th of July in USA just like you cuz I can be my Patrioticat self 
and purrrhaps snag a little Barbeque that's dropped down off the
 Staff's table too!
Didja know I has dual Passpurrrts in both Italy & USA?

Pssst -it's time to take our paws baaaack 10 years and here's my 
he was a meowvalous Patrioticat & squeaky clean one too so 
Yolo, you get Heavenly saluted for being meowvalously
patrioticatish & kind of cute too.

The 4th of July is the purrrfecto day to get out of the house
to a PURRRRade. You might meet & greet
amazing patrioticats who's in the pawty mood too, like you.

 On a meowments notice, my stylist suggests 
different kitty couture - so ya gotta tell me what's you 
think of this Red White & Mew outfit?  
I'm curious as a cat!  PURRRhaps I need to find
a new Stylist? Lemme know.

I'm purrrrroud to be a Patrioticat ....

Hot diggity dog, I luvs 4th of July fun & the
meowvalous nibbles (meowgaritas, tuna wheels & catnip canap├ęs)!

I wish YOU the mostest safe & sunny &
 funtastic 4th of July in the USA
please make it non CATastrophic!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 26, 2018

Terrific Twelve Here I Am

Catzowey! When it's your birthday then ya dresses up and
steps your paws out in dapper fine fashion. Yup up huh!
Turning The Terrific 12 is a milestone so I got on my pawty hat
and my very special tie.

Me & Myself luvs a pawty! And so does my lil sisfur Grappa
as you can see - she's getting into pawty mood too but......

Let's take our paws back in time - like 12 years ago! 
Here I am with my adopted momma Baci when I was 64 days young and 
it's her, Baci who taught me all my meowster manners and kept 
my smitten kitten self in line! (Ya don't mess with Baci!)

Being an EyeTailYun kitty I discovered the grapes early.

Bamzatini I becomes pals with Jackson Galaxy and 
he has assured me I'll never EVER be a guest on his TeeVee show
cuz I'm purrrfectly mannered! Yup uh huh.

When I'm not meeting & greeting celebricats
I go to Baseball fun cuz I luvs luvs luvs
being a Giganticat.

Pssst ... this is my soft side in ha ha ha Hawaii.

But my serious non delirious side has a job - Been 11 years 
in Animal Assisted Therapy and I been working all my life with
30 special needs seniors who make me purr. Better than a 
paycheck! Yup uh huh it's for sure

Sometimes I do the Hospice visits like with this nice man. 
I wear my Tie and deliver warm purrs of comfort.

Today I'm getting abundacat & oodles of love from my Staff too!
BUT I'm begging for presents! YUP presents and the 
perfect gift for me is just $12 - that's $1 for every year I've
been on da Planet and it goes to PETS ARE WONDERFUL SUPPORT
cuz they help seniors & ill people keep their pets in there homes 
with them forever.  

So please 

CIAO & MEOW and wishing you a PURRfect Week

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

April 28, 2018

The HUG Theory According to Guido The Italian Kitty

Catzowey! Me & Myself are telling ya that a HUG goes a very long way 
any day at any meowment. 

Yup Uh Huh it's for sure! And there are abundacat ways to HUG 
Here's some of my faves for meowvalous you to learn The HUG Theory 
according to  Me & Myself - Guido the Italian Kitty!

HUGS don't always have to be face to face ...  you can HUG in 
different pawzishuns anytime cuz a HUG is a HUG always.

You can find out a HUG can be nose to nose, cuz I knows! 

This is a really big Man Cat to Man Cat HUG  
 Cuz we had Man Cat Hugs galore!Hoorayzatini for Man Cat Hugs!

Sometimes ya just wanna hug something sweet that you love
like a giganticat Ice Cream cone! Yup Uh Huh it's for sure.

NOWZA WOWZA ... Time to review HUGS with you.
Nothing finer than the real deal when I'm on the job with my
very special needs seniors. HUGS rock! And HUGS come in all
forms and shapescuz a HUG is just special no matter how it arrives.

Wishing you a meowvalous nonCATastrophic week 
full of HUGS HUGS and more HUGS!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

PS .. are ya ready for my turning Terrific Twelve in May?  
Party idea is coming soon! Hoorayzatini! I'm ecstaticat!

March 9, 2018

Look - I'm In A Book

Catzowey! I got booked but not in the way
you thinks you get booked normally. 

Paws UP to this funtasticat lil book 
Look - it's me on page 100

Yup uh huh - I see it's says "Add whimsy to the world" so I guess
that's what I'm doing in a whimsical meowvalous way in between 
my catnaps and my job - yup I'm in year 11 of my Animal
Assisted Therapy job and no sign of retiring.

Me & Myself are melting over being in this lil book.

Pssst - can you keeps a secret and not let the cat out of the bag?  
I been booked before way back in 2008 when I appeared in 

I was a lil smitten kitten then but it's a giant book so 
I look jumbo on the pages! Dats me hanging out on 2 pages!

 The LUXURY FOR CATS BOOK is so large
I can catnap on it - kinda luxurious.

Now I wish you a nonCatastrophic week and hope you sneak 
in some meowvalous catnapping time too! But be sure to buy a good book 
that makes you purr.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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