April 13, 2022

Easter Is The Time To Be EGG-Static !

Didja know it’s me? 
Nah youza thinks it’s dat 
famoso Bunny dude who devours
carrots by the hours!

Yup Uh HUH I used to check out those 
carrots too!

It’s dat time of the Year to be EGG-static!

Once upon a time ago, a loooooong time ago
I dressed up as dat Easter Bunny so when he
arrived at my Meowster Mansion he’d think
he was visiting family!

My mostest giganticat Easter mistake was putting my EyeTailYun 2 lips 
on a bunch of tulips thinking it was furesh real deal Basil!

    At this time of the Year, youza can tipsy toe 
thru the tulips and that’ll make youza feel 
so so so daffy-dil! 

Here comes my abundacat wishes to you
for a Buona Pasqua.
Dats EyeTailYun for Happy Easter!

I sends you my meowvalous man cat hugs from up here at 
the Heavenly Catpuccino Cloud Cafe where I’m peeping on ya so don’t indulge in too many of those yellow, inky dinky pinky PEEPS!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

January 22, 2022

Nothing Finer Than a Caturday In Finer Niners Land


I’m up here at the Heavenly Catpuccino Cloud Cafe and we got our Cloud phones on and
 Gee Whiz 5 service is rocking. I see ya and I hear ya!

My Cat Eyes Cloud reception is purrrfecto to watch my Fab Finer Niners beat those Wisconsin cheesie folks - hee hee hee!

Yup gonna be tuning in and chillaxing and relaxing with a creamy super duper fine feline cappuccino while kicking back on a warm sunny cloud.

Amore and Pssst ... I love my San Fran Finer Niners and I love you too

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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