December 24, 2020

It’s Time For Lil Saint Nick’s Cwismas Message

`Twas the night before Christmas, 
and all through the house
all the creatures were stirring, 
including the mouse

And all of the animals - the birds and the cats
Awaiting the Big Guy 
(you know: white beard and a sack)

They nibbled the treats, set out with great care
Careful to avoid getting milk in their hair

Then they stretched on the carpet, 
and lounged on the couch,
“He’s late,” they complained,
“that lazy old slouch!”

They had a proposal they wanted to place
To Mr. Claus himself, direct to his face

Yet as the night lingered, sleep was their escape
Except for one kitten climbing the drapes

She’d napped most of the day 
and was now fully alert
(‘Though covered with schmutz, 
some dark chimney dirt)

She finally saw him, black boots from the flume
White beard, big tummy: 
jolly you-know-old-who

He ho-ho’d quite gently, 
asked had she been good
“Skip the pleasantries,” she responded, 
“if we just could."

We’ve something to ask, a bit of a favor:
A change to your flight plans, 
one we hope you might savor

Instead of the trinkets, bright baubles and toys,
Deliver us, dear Santa, to good girls and boys

There are so many of us homeless, 
in the sanctuary we sit
Use Christmas magic,
In your red sack we’ll fit.”

Santa was touched by this most wondrous plan
But some things, he knew, were out of his hands:

For the answer to the crisis of pet homelessness
Requires a change in human consciousness

So he and that kitten now face us and plead:
Please value these lives, 
it’s the coming year’s need

Respect them and love them, 
treat them like treasure
They’ll return those sweet gifts 
many times beyond measure

And in some Christmas future, 
we hope for a true holiday
Every Lanai cat has a person for play

And to love them, yes, and to honestly care:
Then true Christmas for all, 
for all a family to share.

Brought to Us By Our Friends at
Composed by Board Member, Mr. Ken White

My Sistah Grappa is smitten for Lanai Cat Sanctuary Kitties

I feels full of Aloha-ha-ha spirit when I 
thinks of all my friends at the Lanai Cat Sanctuary

In true Hawaiian, here’s my MELE KELIKIMAKA 

And a Buon Natale too!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

December 21, 2020

Are Ya Feeling The Holly Days Or Dazed By The Holidays?


Catzowey! I hear it's dat time of the Year for Ho Ho Ho’ing and Ha Ha Ha’ing! It's fur sure ya don’t wanna stress out. Ya wanna enjoy being Holly Dazed with all the meowvalous things you and yourself are doing and not doing during these non meowvalously normal holidays.

No chance am I rapping, dats normal, but it’s for sure 
I’m unwrapping.

Cwismas is the purrfecto time to hug - but dangzatini 
we gots dat Covid creep keeping us from hugging.

Up on the tree top I’ma gonna hop hop hop ...
It’s for sure I’ma not gonna stop stop stop!

Do you hear what I hear?
There’s a star, yup uh huh supposed to be a super shiny star in the East 
UP UP UP there somewhere so gonna follow dat star, yup I are.

Absoluticatically meeting & greeting Signore Santa is the mostest 
meowvalous part of being Holly Dazed & dats normal! 
Kinda like my being super duper star struck when I met Morris the Cat.... 
oopsatini I means when Morris met me!

Don’t Monkey around this Holly Dazed season!

Frosty dat Snowyman, Rudolfo dat Reindeer and Me & Myself all are
feeling Holly Dazed and sending abundacat Meowy Cwismas wishes
to you, yup YOU!

Pssst .... remember to put some sardines, impurrrted cheese,
 a creamy cannoli & cool chianti out on Cwismas Eve when you goes 
nighty night cuz Santy Paws is gonna be dropping by and he
sure gonna needs some goodies to rev him up for the next stop.

Buon Natale - hey dats EyeTailYun for Merry Cwismas!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty



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