September 27, 2010

Calculayshuns Fur Good Times In Life

Catzowey! I added up da calculayshuns of my abundacatnapping time in my life, and look fur yur self at da giganticat numbers Me and Myself haz been catnapping! I'ma keeping  just one keen cat eye on these numbers, yep uh huh itza fur shure.

Since my Scientificat  catnapping calculayshuns 'ala Dr. Albercat Schweitzer',  Me and Myself izza catnapping now with my cat eyes wide open. Trust me when I tells youza I'ma snoozing  and not loosing a miniscule meowment of napping.

 Holy Cannoli! Me and Myself wakes up frum catnapping to find a PINK Litter Box in my Suite! Hmmmzatini - there's rumors dat someone wants me tooza discover my Feline female side fur grounding purrposes.  Oh PUHLEEZE datsa never gonna happen in all my 9 lives cuz I'ma grounded and rounded man cat to the meowximum! Hey, pink stinks fur my Litter Box!

 But blue is true! And I tells youza I luvs blue hydrangeas and my true blue purrsonal fotographer, the doggone great meowvalous Mark Rogers of MARK ROGERS PET PHOTOGRAPHY,  cuz he captures me fur real. And hizza giganticat camera has all da automaticatically calculayshuns so I duzn't have to do nothing, but act nachurally!

 Here's we guys - Me, Myself and Mark and he makes my whiskers wiggle when weeza hanging out at my favorito place to kitty camp PET CAMP CAT SAFARI IN SAN FRANCISCO where life is catzowey when yur pawrents izza on vakayshun! Youza can go to Pooch Camp or the Ritz Catalton "Cat Safari" if youza meowster like me and purrfurrs Furst Class stuff . Theyza got two fine facilites fur we 4-leggeds.  Shhh dontcha tell, but itza not necessary to do calculayshuns fur having fun at Cat Safari where da kitty camping izza fantasticatico! Cuz the place rocks to the meowximum!

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week,
Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

September 20, 2010

Impervious & Innovative Improvements

Change is meowvalous so after being a creative creature of habit da past 1,586 days of my life, I switched and didn't twitch over my new healthy -for-me and healthy-for-you Cat Litter. Iza not corny to tell youza itza made with CORN! Yep uh huh,  The World's Best Cat Litter poured itza way into my deeziner Litter Box and I assures youza I'ma hopping into it but  not popping it even though itza 100 purrcent corn -  hold da butter!

Abundacat more changes: Youza can improve yur Brain functions by changing yurza daily habits cuz weeza all creatures of da habits. If youza Right pawed, then today youza uses yur Right Paw da most - like to holds youza uppa.

 But when tomorrow arrives, switch-a-roni rapidcatically to yur Left paw cuz  da Left paw holding youza up strengthens da other side of yurza brain. Itza fur shure dat  feline brain fitness works and keeps ya balanced. Itza like being Ambidextrous  which izza defined as "multi-tasking while using both Left & Right hemispheres, when juggling our tasks successfully". Datsa scientificat jargon and I tells ya, I multi-tasks all day: I runs while I'ma thinking of catnapping and I catnaps while I'ma dreaming of eating dindin.

 Catzowey! Itza tiring trying to be balanced so I tells ya what ... itza bestest to collapse into a fabuloso catnap and slumber away the day, in any pawzishun that works for youza. Left side or Right side - use em all fur a guaranteed abundacatnap.

Wishing youza nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

September 13, 2010

Doing The Daily Dangle - Itza Just Life!

Du youza ever feel like yur tail izza dangling frum a high-rise litter box ledge or by the tippity tail of yur paw?   OR purrhaps youza feeling like youza dangling and not angling frum da side of a good Dining Room chair? Lemme tells ya, it all  shure beats purrpelling off da side of Yosemite's meowvaloso mountains or paracatachutting!  And sometimes  da life dangles us too from places weeza not expecting to be dangled frum - well whatza ya gonna do about dat?

 Hang on, climb to da top and dontcha ever gives up!

Itza fur shure if ya wanna share da daily dangling secrets and news youza amused with, selecat to do this between youza and dat speshule fine furiend. Definicatically youza tells yurza furiend all about whatza going on in all yur 9 lives and theyza not supposed to lets da cat out of da bag! Yep itza lips zipped fur shure.

 No need to feels like youza walking da ledge alone cuz youza not .. CATZOWEY youza got all 4 paws and datsa 20 toes datsa walking da walk with youza!

 I always suggests dangling in a downward Dog Pawzishun (datsa da Yoga stuff!) fur a meowment, and be shure youza checks out all da stuff frum different direkshuns  cuz thatza gonna be da right thing tooza dooza - yep uh huh itza correcticatically da right stuff fur shure to get back in pawsative balance.

I wishes youza a nonCATastrophic week and make it a meowvalous one too,

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

September 6, 2010

Ticked Off & On My Natural Soapbox

AhTenZeeOhKnee! Me and Myself is out on my EyeTailYun tree limb, which is like speaking befur da United Nashuns,  and I'ma here today to tellza YOUza bout my furiend, TINY TIMMY and his purrmanent NEUROLOGICAL condishun all caused by da toxic flea/tick over-da-counter stuff - yep just stuff you purrobably has in yur house.  Get comfy cuz my politacatically-correct Envirocat self izza gonna giganticatically open yur eyes ... itza all about SirPrizes in da house and on da shelf!

Justa when youza thinks life is purrfecto, well stuff pops up! Like Bananas in my Toaster - thatza stuff happening fur shure dat shouldn't be happening.

 OH holy cannoli! My momma gonna have da Tsunami sized hiss fit when sheeza sees this bottle labeled "Dumb Blonde"!  Is it "Nachural or notza Nachural"?

Nachural izza the right stuff, and thizza is my pal Tiny Timmy who suffers frum da purrmanent neurological damage caused by nasty toxic over-the-counter Flea & Tick stuffs- yep uh huh da stuff everybody buys in da neighborhood stores. Didja know in 2008 when I wazza only 2, over 40,000 animals got da exposure to da toxic purroducts and itza caused serious brain imbalances and can be fatal tooza. Today I'm ecstaticat to tell ya,  Tiny Timmy has turned his physical and mental challenges into da pawsative message to help others. Heeza catzowey Spokespurrson in Washington DC and to da EPA and Tiny Timmy izza standing tall on hizza soapbox (a good healthy one!) to get da bad stuff removed frum store shelves.

Youza can purrchase da speshule non-toxic nachural soaps heeza has made fur meowsters and pooches to fight da flea and ticks. Nachurally, Tiny Timmy's staff ships in these BeeYouTeeFull organza bags.  Check out da ingredients:  Oregon rainwater, olive oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, shea butter, ground oatmeal, Red Lake Earth (65% diatomaceous earth/35% montmorillonite), handpicked wild Oregon sagebrush, common sage (silvia officinalis) & sweet basil (ocicum basilicum) essential oils, sodium hydroxide (which dissipates with age, thus his soaps are aged a minimum of 30 days for optimal mildness).

I wishes you a nachurally nonCATastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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