November 30, 2008

A NonCATastrophic Black FUReyeDay

Only in my wildest wide eyed meowster dreams would I NOT enjoy eyeballing a good sale - hey isn't that what Black FUReyeDay is all about and what kitty doesn't like to bat, tangle and mangle dangling sale tags!  It's all about oh you bet and hope we get -  and my smitten kitten self did get my 4  paws rollin' and strollin' down the streets of San Francisco  on FUReyeDay (oh yes, with my Turkey samwich in my striped pocket),  Oh si signore and fur sure, in fine Italian Kitty  fashion, I ventured into Salvatore Feralcatgamo's bouCATique to find a new 'oh it's meowvalously Italian" item, whose value had dropped since the Turkey went into the oven Thursday. But the Italian Tom Cat of Design was snoozing! Nothin' on sale - ooops maybe cuz he doesn't PURRactice Black FUReyeDay cuz he lives in FURenzie Italia.

I'm just gonna hang out fur a while in this EYEtailYun store .....

My whiskers are wiggling to indulge my Italian Euros and some of my weakened weekend Dollars, so me and my paws trekked to Macy's (kitties and pups are romping in  their fantasticat annual holiday windows thanks to the San Francisco SPCA!)  and dontcha know ya, that I found catzowey pots and gourmacat pans to try out. If you're not comFURtable with your cookware then it won't PURRform for ya!

Still on the search for a delectacatable deal and lugging my MasterCAT card, my paws caught a kitty cab to  Crocker Galleria (it's the Cat's Meow)  and  being the envirocat I am (no paper bags for my paws to play in!) I took my cloth shopping bag - you all should have at least 1 fur each to  show off your favFURite places while being an envirocat . Oh FYI (Feline Yikes of Interest!) Crocker Galleria has a fantasticat y organicat Farmers Market every Thursday and  you won't wanna cat nap thru it,  cuz the produce is meowvalously FUResh!

As you see, FurEYEday after the Big Bird was meowvalous fun!  I hope you have a nonCATastrophic week - hey it's watcha cana maka ofa ita!  Bella catzowey - that's  feline fantastico Italiano. Go and and enjoy a catanapa!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

November 23, 2008

Bejeweled and BeMEWled

What makes you feel more meowvalous than fresh organicat catnip or a double cream catpuccino? Playing with giganticat jewels of course!  Last week I had the pawsative pleasure to kitty hug the insPURRational and fantasticat jewelry designer, the world renowned and meowvalous COREEN CORDOVA . Oh purrs galore cuz Coreen is  the PURRveyor of beauteous charms that dangle and bangle (every meowster wants to entangle in her charm), uh huh charms which are definicatically the Cat's Meow! Coreen has an artisticat eye...what do we think she'd creaticat for my aristocat Italian eyes and smitten kitten self?  Her kitty hug made my Italian whiskers wiggle too! After all, she's a cat and dog momma so she  knows how to make magical paw moments. Coreen is 4 Paws UP in my meowster big black book.

Catzowey! This week the Big Bird arrives as guest of honor and my meowster self is hoping Signore Tom terrific turkey doesn't see me at the table, so I've decked out in commandokitty cat-oflauge, just lurking in wait for his PURResence on Thursday afternoon. Got all 4 paws crossed, kitty purrayers in motion and I'm licking my lips that I'll have FUReyeday leftovers too! Hey, I'm Italian so there's no tofu turkey on my menu. Me and my meowster self wishes you a nonCATastrophic Thanksgiving Day.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

November 17, 2008

Fantastic Day In The City By The Bay!

Saturday was a day I could have kitty cloned myself to be in a catzillion places without using up some of my 9 lives. Before I hosted my TV show PURRmier Party, I trotted my paws to a PURRsonal appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue cuddling with the "Empress of Entertainment, the PURRfectly fabucat Jan Wahl who is the Cat's Meow and a fabucat purrponent for we 4-leggeds. 

Oh man,  Jan made my whiskers wiggle while we shared a double cream frothy catpucciccino, talked Hollywood  and cat chatted with purrsons in Saks hoping  they purrchased cosmewtics cuz a portion of every cosmewtic sale that day would benefit my friends at Pets Unlimited - the greatest animals org since organicat kitty wheat grass was boxed!
My momma and I are adoracats for raising awareness for Pets Unlimited and she was contentacat being surrounded by all the cosmewtics and I just wanted to play on the counters with all the meowvalous little bottles, boxes and gizmos - definicatically Saks could be a great place for a Meowster Play Day!
Managed to get a little catnap in before my 50 meowvalous guests arrived (I was jumping for joy that my best furiend Skeezix was coming!), so I speed slumbered for 50 winks worth of time.

PARTY TIME and Skeezix is here! Catzowey!!! Let the feline festivities begin! 
We had pawsatively purrfect pasta and biscatti and biscotti and I tested to be sure the culinary creatiCATions were just right for my special and meowvalous guests.

Skeezix brought his film crew to my San Fran Feline Italian Villa and I almost had a Catniption when my purrecious & purrty door-opening-gal Virginia (she's got the knack cuz she opens the meowster doors at Cat Safari my favorite kitty camp), opened up our front door and Catzowey - it was the giganticat Ted Rheingold (he's Top Dog  at Dogster and Catster) in real life (I think he's still on his FURst life and hasn't used up any 9 lives cuz he looks fantasticat- gotta get name of his groomer cuz the guy has style!) Here's pics from my Party compliments of my favorite Catster Cat's Meow Blog - it'll be just like you were there. 

We rocked the Villa and nothing like being with furiends! But the national news is mewsing about the show,yep  I saw my self in the NY Times and nope, we  don't need to talk about the not-pawsative TV show ending (maybe the show staff folks need to live with a cat so they can Think Like A Cat)  but my meowster self IS the million dollar kitty because I have a catzillion furiends like you who warm my Italian kitty heart! This was a magical meowvalous 3 months for me, hey, I went to Hollywood, and if you're curious as a cat as to what's on my agenda this week, just take a look! I purromise to awaken before next Monday so you can start your day the Guido way!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

November 9, 2008

I Think Like A Cat - Now YOU Can Too!

And are you just curious as a cat to know what the infurmous  game show host Chuck Woolery and I are catchatting about? Chuck has Catitude that's fur sure and it's show time week  when we  eight Catestants play a catcentric game, Think Like A Cat. Which meowsters will  leap out of the gates of the Hollywood TV set and who's paws are travelling  at lightening speeds resembling meowster mustangs or PURRhaps at the speed of a herd of turtles! 

You won't know unless you tune in on Saturday November 15th (9:30pm ET) to watch the Meow Mix Think Like A Cat TV show. Hey my pawsative catitude and me went to Hollywood and it's definicatically California Dreaming and who knows...I may be a Million Dollar Baby too, but you won't know unless you watch the show! 

So what's new pussycat? Abundacat stuff! I'm going to  Saks Fifth Avenue!   Uh huh, in the Cosmeowtic Department this SATURDAY NOV 15th at the San Francisco Union Square store from 11am to 1pm. My paws are purrmoting  the PURRmier of Think Like A Cat, and if you bring your list of goodies your fine non-feline self might need, a portion of all the cosmetics sales that day will go to Pets Unlimited - my game show partner. Get your MasterCAT Card ready! Come to Saks to say HI or Buon Giorno or just to give me a kitty hug. My pal Chuck can't make it, but I  will be there  11am to 1pm - yep the same day Think Like A Cat PURRmiers!  I hope your week is filled with meowvalous Meow Mix moments and abundacatnaps!  You can bet your whiskers I'll be catnapping on Sunday all day long! 

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

November 2, 2008

PURRuse Your PURRopositions Before Your Vote!

Oh my gosh! My smitten kitten self will vote with 4 paws on November 4th and YOU need to vote too!

It's a humungous event to PURRuse and cruise the voter ballot cuz exactacatically it's almost 35 kitty litter boxes in length thus, undoubtacatically and PURRobably if shredded, the ballot would fill your litter box AND mine too! Look, I'm stretched to the max trying to review all the issues of the day so I can have a say.... and it's made me an exhaustakitty.

Wake up Americats! No way are you catnapping till your paws vote. Remember you can be an Independakitty, Republicat or Democat and I'll have an Italian hiss fit if you don't dutifully and beautifully vote! Bummer for us meowsters this year though - Mickey Mouse isn't sponsoring any PURRopositions. Everyone else is - so why not the big cheese?He could endorse organicat creme cheese for all !

Speaking of organicat reminds me to remind you that I'm an Envirocat and your paper ballot needs to be disposed of proPURRly so consider the following: shred it for garden mulch (makes a nice mouse house), wrap up a farm raised fish from your market, roll it up and smoke it (isn't the Summer of Love coming around?) or keep reading it until next election!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

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