November 30, 2008

A NonCATastrophic Black FUReyeDay

Only in my wildest wide eyed meowster dreams would I NOT enjoy eyeballing a good sale - hey isn't that what Black FUReyeDay is all about and what kitty doesn't like to bat, tangle and mangle dangling sale tags!  It's all about oh you bet and hope we get -  and my smitten kitten self did get my 4  paws rollin' and strollin' down the streets of San Francisco  on FUReyeDay (oh yes, with my Turkey samwich in my striped pocket),  Oh si signore and fur sure, in fine Italian Kitty  fashion, I ventured into Salvatore Feralcatgamo's bouCATique to find a new 'oh it's meowvalously Italian" item, whose value had dropped since the Turkey went into the oven Thursday. But the Italian Tom Cat of Design was snoozing! Nothin' on sale - ooops maybe cuz he doesn't PURRactice Black FUReyeDay cuz he lives in FURenzie Italia.

I'm just gonna hang out fur a while in this EYEtailYun store .....

My whiskers are wiggling to indulge my Italian Euros and some of my weakened weekend Dollars, so me and my paws trekked to Macy's (kitties and pups are romping in  their fantasticat annual holiday windows thanks to the San Francisco SPCA!)  and dontcha know ya, that I found catzowey pots and gourmacat pans to try out. If you're not comFURtable with your cookware then it won't PURRform for ya!

Still on the search for a delectacatable deal and lugging my MasterCAT card, my paws caught a kitty cab to  Crocker Galleria (it's the Cat's Meow)  and  being the envirocat I am (no paper bags for my paws to play in!) I took my cloth shopping bag - you all should have at least 1 fur each to  show off your favFURite places while being an envirocat . Oh FYI (Feline Yikes of Interest!) Crocker Galleria has a fantasticat y organicat Farmers Market every Thursday and  you won't wanna cat nap thru it,  cuz the produce is meowvalously FUResh!

As you see, FurEYEday after the Big Bird was meowvalous fun!  I hope you have a nonCATastrophic week - hey it's watcha cana maka ofa ita!  Bella catzowey - that's  feline fantastico Italiano. Go and and enjoy a catanapa!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty


Skeezix the Cat said...

Wow, Guido, it looks like yoo had a good time shoppin. I only git to shop on the innernets. Ixsept not so much lately cuz we are titening owr belts and collers.

Christopher said...

Very cool! I know SF is just bursting with a types of cultural things and shoppins!
Being a tree-hugger at heart I think the organicat Farmers Market sounds extra awesome.
We got some of those reusabe shopping bags (not as fun to get in as paper bags but still pretty darn hip)and I'm looking for like a woven hemp collar or something.

Trying to just hang out and be green.

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