December 7, 2008

Holly Dazed or Dazed by Golly & Still Jolly

Just a few weeks until Santa Claws drops in and you know how sturressed people get at this time of the year, so it's imPURRative to exercise in between catnaps. You've gotta be doin'  your cardiocat stuff,  bench PURResses or yoga downward dog or upward pup poses to keep your meowvalous mind in balance. Balance?? Did someone say balance  ... as in not falling off the edge? Hey fur me, balance  is keeping upright on a limb while keeping this Holly Dazed hat on my head.  My smitten kitten paws attest this kitty couture creation is not designed by Italia's own fashionistacat, Donnatella Fursacchi!

Mirror mirror on the hollidazed wall, confidentacatically I'll find the  fairest feline of all, maybe under the Cwismas tree this year! 

Oh yeah, you're thinking you might be  green cat eye to giganticat  eye with the Grinch Kitty who wants to steal Cwismas? Think again...

Cwismas - catzowey!  That means my annual  holiday card is purrobably being purrduced by my purrsonal purrfesshional fotographer - the great Celebricat camera genius, MARK ROGERS. Oh si si si (that's eyeTAILyun), Mark and me share catnip, I break out the vitage stuff when he shows up cuz he's my speshule furiend.  That's we 2 dashing dudes below....

Don't get  your whiskers FURazzled this holiday season, cuz it's not worth it and besides, I'm the one who has 9 lives, you don't! And be sure to get abundacatnaps so we can mouse around the Cwismas tree or jingle bell meow mix rock! Oh my golly, it's time to be jolly!!!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO The Italian Kitty


Blue skies from now on said...

You might be eye-TAIL-ian but your hat bespeaks Scandanavia to us and that's something we know a bit about.
Hope your holidays are merry too! Looks like we're going to have big loads of snow so will ship some out your way. K? K.
Best Wishes, Your friend Willie,Patsy and Pearlie on catster.

Skeezix the Cat said...

I have a groovy red and green hat just like yers, Guido!!!!Is that an EYE-talian hat or a Krissmiss hat?

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