December 29, 2008

Wrapped Up and Wired Fur Fun

What do you do on the last Monday of the year?  Clean up the meowster  house to PURRpare for the next year's meowvalous mess!
Furstly,  in between my abundacatnaps today, my smitten kitten self is taking down the Cwismus twee lights, lights and more lights and Catzowey...even more lights too! Where's the end of this thing? Tell me you have this PURRoblem too! And why is it the lights all work feline fine today and next year when I take them out of the bag, nothing lights up! That's a quizical question that might be answered by the time I use up all my 9 lives!

 Now where is that last sneaky string of lights hiding?

Felice (say FahLEEchee) Anno Nuovo! That's eyeTAILyun for Happy Mew Year!  And in fine Italian feline fashion, I'm bringing out my vintage Bubbly and Nip Du Jour to toast YOU at the turn of the meowster midnight, for making my year so increducatulous!  My Italian smitten kitten self hopes this 2009 will be mighty fine fur you and nonCATastrophic too. It was a widdle bit chaotic and catastrophic rounding up everyone fur the annual foto but we'd do anything for my favorite fotographer, MARK ROGERS -  Hey anybody who can bamboozle 3 cats and a wiggling human in 1 foto without any hiss fits, gets my GUIDO 4 paws UP award of the year! Mark belongs on TIME magazine cover "Favorite PURRson of Da Whole Year"!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty & His Editorial Staff


LZ said...

I don't want all of the stuff to come down yet. I think ours will be up for a few more days at least until my birthday (the 1st).


Blue skies from now on said...

We think the fact the lights won't work is part of a Chinese conspiracy to disrupt the morale of our country. More than just a few times our mama has sworn at them due to nonsensical instructions or some small part A that will not fit into another small part B.
That is such a nice photo of you guys and your meowmy-mia. Happy New Year and a prosperous one for all of you famous kitties!
Willie, Patsy and Pearlie from Rockford, IL

LoveOwlz said...

Guido dear, I do so look forward to your messages! Meowy New Year and Lots of Catnip to you and yours! Congratulations for the great work! Purrfecto! :)

Chrissy + her 2 kitties Perri and Munch

Toulouse said...

Mom took everything down yesterday and I just sat and supervised! Privilege of being a senior cat! Love your family photo and Felice Anno Nuovo to you and your family too!

Hey, if I keep reading your gazette, you'll have me speaking fluent Italian too! *giggles*


Anonymous said...

here is Giotto,the milanese angel and his earth family!!

You all look fantastic!!

About lights..Jeeg ate two bulbs as soon as mom finished decorating the tree at her house...the bulbs,by the way,were ON!
He is fine,the bulbs are not!

Skeezix the Cat said...

Mark is da best, and he takes fantasticat fotos ---- I LOVE this New Yeer's foto. Guido duz good pozes. Yoo can tell he's an Italian kitty cuz he knows how to do the sexey eye thing.

Is Guido gonna start a new exersize rejeem in the New Year?

Unknown said...

Dat bbez wun nice lookin' familolee Gweedoe! Derr nebber too mush sellabratin' et owr howse un Gnu Yeers Eeve. Mum a pawty pooper en goes tah beddie afore dah stroak ub twelb. **sigh** Habbz wun grrrrrrreat pawty!! Heppy 2009!!

Oliver an' Dewey

Honey P. Sunshine said...

Felice Anno Nuovo guido

Christopher said...

I hope you had lots of fun on Christmas and had a great time ringing in the New Year.

Our tree is well beaten and will come down today or tomorrow depending upon how mom feels after work today. I tree-hugged a lot and will miss it.

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