October 30, 2008

Hap O Cat O Ween Wishes

My Italian self wishes you and you and your paws a nonCATastrophic, pawsatively great and safe Happy Halloween!  I'm opticating for a PURRivate Pirate event this year, ya know like PIE EYE RATS of the Caribbean...  but where's Johnny Depp the cool cat, when I need him... or  PURRhaps does he need the Italian Kitty? Could be catzowey cool! Happy Halloween and be safe!!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

October 26, 2008

It's No BOOloney! It's Bats and Dracucat

HallowCATzoweyween week is here and my paws and me have been experimenting with finding the PURRfect costume .. you know it's the week that you dress up and PURRtend you're pawsatively someone else - furget politicatical characters this year and besides, I'd never do that cuz categorically speaking, I'm an Independicat. Spooky couture choices are abundacat but I'm a fastidious feline with fantasticat taste so the mega meowvalous decision doesn't come too easily to my smitten kitten self. Ahhhh, dare I go as this or that .. don't want my meowster mug to appear fat! So me and my paws are thinkin about dressing up as Dracucat ..... "Lemmee putta mya Italian ivories into youza catnip container!"
There's also a rumor my Italian buffed self will dress up as a "Small Smitten Kitten" but that's BOO-loney cuz there's no way I'll fit into this inky dinky cat costume. It's PURRplexing fur sure and I think they sent me the wrong size!

Anybody in there??? Is this what you call a PURRfected smile because he had Feline Invisalines? Whatever is makin this dude de la orange laugh is the cat's meow to me but hey, let's join in the fun and have a nonCATastrophic halloween. Now I demandacat you and your paws be safe: only consume catnip if PURRivately and proPURRly wrapped and if you're offered some Meow Mix, make sure it's the new Wholesome Goodness that's gonna debut on Think Like A Cat (November 15th on Game Show Network).

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

October 19, 2008

Animals and the Arts- Benefiticaticaly Great

I took a break from  hanging out and me and my paws  ventured to a classicatical concert for cats and dogs ... you know, with Violins playing (great strings to mesmorize a meowster!) . Yep I  attended the Pets Unlimited annual Animals and the Arts in San Francisco, a supurrbly orchestrated event beyond our wildest paws and whiskers,  and this annual funraiser keeps dogs and cats, oops  I mean cats and dogs, out of shelters and puts them into catzowey homes. I'm giving this event the GUIDO 4 PAWS UP award of the year and you need to put it on your 2009  Pawsatively must do  calendar ..... either to sit and stay in person or suPURRt this worthy cause that's ecstaticatically the cat's meow (and canine cool!).

Catzowey - I got a giganticat award in front of catzillion guests...yep I'm the recipient of the Pets Unlimited  2008 Unlimited Love Award, Purring Cat Category for 2008!!

Lemme tella ya what makes the Italian Kitty purr:  Ya know, I adoracat my job as an  SF-SPCA Animal Assisted Therapy guy at The ARC where the clients woo me and wiggle my Italian whiskers while making me purr big time (but my job is to make THEM purr), thus the Award from Pets Unlimited.  Beyond my wildest smitten kitten dream, it conFURms  don't give up on  your dreams cuz they sensationalicatically can come true. Never furget, I'm the rescue kitty with 3 homes in  61 days of my life, and my paws and me are honored fur sure to get this  meowvalous honor!

Meowvalous reminds me of Meow Mix which reminds me I get mixed up and haven't told you why I went to Hollywood in August.  Don't wanna use up all my 9 lives before you find out about the November 15th premier of this national game show - uh huh, as in I am one of  8 Catestants on  Meow Mix "Think Like A Cat" TV show.   Here's a little sneaky peaky of me and my momma auditioning - she Thinks Like A Cat and we repurrsented the great City by the Bay, San Francisco.  Can't let the cat out of the bag as to if I'm the $1 million purrize winner - you'll find out.   May your week be filled with abundacatnaps and some sun dried autumn catnip!
Ciao & Meow
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

October 13, 2008

Columbus Day Purrade With Guido

Without a doubtacat, of course  my Italian paws went to the Columbus Day purrade in San Francisco - sun rays were shining  purrfectly I  wanted to stop  my float and catnap for a block. People lining the stureets were neet to meet and greet and of course it was a meowvalous molto bene time with my purrfect paisan pals. Befur the purrade, I couldn't quite decide on what "PURRoud to be Italian"  kitty couture to wear ...

On the PUrrade route, the Blue Angels were winging it overhead and I tried to CATch a glimpse from my float .... lemme tell ya, those are big blue birds we meowsters don't have a smitten kitten chance of catching! Better stick to the garden variety that fly low!
Catzowey, last week I got interviewed by the mega meowster SKEEZIX THe Cat - he's the Cat's Meow and how. We  trekked our paws to my favfurite outdoor Italian cafe, over double creme Catpuccino's in North Beach. For Skeezix, I  donned a  suit and put on my great gramp's Italian tie fur this oppfurtunity. If you're curious as a cat as to what we cat chatted about ... just visit

I gotta catnap cuz I'm exhaustikitty this week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

October 12, 2008

Cazowey Down To The Wire - VOTE VOTE VOTE Fur Me

You don't have to be a Republicat, Democat or Independikitty to vote today for ME. I just need your votes as the Star Pet contest ends on Monday Oct 13th. It's free double cream catpuccinos for all if  I win! I'm not despurrate - I just need more votes - I'm in 2nd place so send this to your friends and furiends!

October 6, 2008

Special Sunday With St. FURancis

Gettin' out of the house and visiting  another house  is fantasticat, so yesterday  I took my 4 paws and went to the big house on the hill - Grace Cathedral - it's a given from this smitten kitten - they need a mighty meowster to PURRtrol the mice population in the caverns of this meowvalous place. The special day comes once a year  and it's the day we animals get to catnap in the pews, meow at a hymn and  lounge center stage in the aisle (until the jumbo PURRcession comes trotting past us!). The PURRiests have oodles of fringe on their scarves that would  be a kitty delight to dangle from!  All this in honor of our animal lovin' pal, St. Francis.

Everyone got a PURRogram and it said "The Feast of Saint Francis" but I PURRused every pew. My cat eyes saw abundacat ankles and people out of their shoes who should have been in their shoes,  but didn't see any food to feast on. Hmmm, maybe it was typo! 

Don't be PURRplexed - yes you're  viewing a  darling dog on The Guido Gazette - a historical meowvalous moment! St. Francis Day is a day of diversity and all are welcome - check out this cute canine  who was just across the aisle from me - she winked & woofed  at my  buffed mighty meowster self  but we both flew under our pews when the big organ piped up! So much for a short term relationship.

Wiggling whiskers! I know, I know,  you're curious as a cat as to why I'm not telling you what took my paws and me to Hollywood in August ... stay tuned just a little longer. But fur now,  I'd be ecstaticat if your awesome pawsome self  would cast a vote for me in a photo contest I'm in. My paws are crossed that I'll win but can't do it without you.   Vote For Guido The Italian Kitty and then go and take a nonCATastrophic catnap today!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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