May 30, 2011

Different Ways To Do Nothing Differently

Itza crazy world of busy stuff and stuff that keeps you busy, and nothing better than doing nothing when we have a 3-day Holiday in the YouEssHey like this Memorial Day Holiday.  Didja know there are abundacat ways to do nothing? Yep uh huh itza fur shure.

Youza can do nothing when youza wrapped up like an EyeTailYun Tortelini or a Purretzel.

Bag it! Catzowey thatza like doing nothing and nobody sees ya doing nothing cuz youza in a bag!

Definicatically if youza trying to move dat sofa with yur foot and itza not moving, well I gotta tell you  thatza like doing nothing!  So youza might as well take abundacatnaps and leave dat furnichure where itza at, and get back to doing nothing!

It's consoling to know we all enjoy doing nothing in diffurent ways -  we're really doing something when we're doing nothing.   Lemme tells you, Me &  Myself  is shure enjoying doing nothing after my giganticat FAB FIVE birthday month. Youza all shure made it speshule fur me and definitcatically, yep uh huh, and I luvs ya so so so molto much - might even luvs ya more than I luvs Pasghetti & Meatzaballs!

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 23, 2011

Turning 5 = 37 In Human Years! Holy Cannoli!

 All my life I've been waiting to turn Fab Five and CATZOWEY this is thee week itza happening (Mighty Meatzaballs! Didn't get Raptured so I can have my Birthday pawty! Hoorayzatini).   I thought while I'm still 4 plus a little more (like 4 and 7/8's), I'm gonna take you down my smitten kitten memory fotos lane before I furgets what I used to be looking like.   Is it true dat 5 in meowster years makes me 37 in da hooman years? That means I gotta catch up with voting and start acting like a mature meowster. 

Climbing up up uppa is still my favorito aerobicat exercise cuz I likes da birds eye view of stuff specially when I'm climbing Mount Chairamanjaro! This is me at 62 days yungun ... I finally grew into my ears!

Ole and hooray for having doggone good furiends! Billy the Chihauhaha was my first AyaCarumbacat Taco Bell dog pal for a play date. Holy Cannoli look at my tail! Itza got da puffies like a double cream filled Cannoli! Where's my deeziner defrizz cream?

One day right befur my EyeTailYun eyes, Catzowey I turned 2!

When I turned 3 even faster,  I flew to Hollywood on a jet to shmooze da Stars - here's me and Chuck Woolery on the TeeVee film set.  I'ma just checking out his Man Tan makeup -  of course I opticatted not to wear that stuff and go the more meowvalous nachural look but Chuck is Chuck and I am EyeTailYun!

Itza UNFORGETTABLE meowment when I turned 4 and the oh-so-purrty Natalie Cole was holding me amongst her bling while getting ready to sing. Ohhh that wiggled my whiskers & I was waiting for more while I was still 4.

You can get my whiskers wiggling and  have me hugging yur HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUIDO giftie by clicking HERE, cuz it'll take sensayshunal you right over to my Birthday wish list which is PAWSatively cool. No nip toys or mounds of meatballs or holy cannoli cakes is gonna make me purr like YOU donating just an inky dinky dollar or a vacayshun Euro to my furiends at "Pets Are Wonderful Support".

Can youza help me have the happiest fabuloso 5th birthday?  Sure ya can and check out my Happy Birthday Guido Meter! Cuz itza on the rise.

Wishing you a fantasticat super dooper nonCATastrophic week

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 16, 2011

Choose To Snooze

Everybody sleeps , snores and snoozes at different times and in unique pawzishuns, and that's what makes the world a wonderful furiendly place to catnap in any time zone. But getting to a sound snooze is not always easy.

Naturally, some people dose right off - starting to dream abundacat good dreams in technacatcolor but some people purrfur Bed Time Nighty Night Tea to get them dreaming naturally faster.

Hot and steamy, really relaxacatting bathes can expedite your snoozing too but youza gotta propel yurself outta da tub before youza can snooze.

Don't furget a good glass of EyeTailYun red wine has nachural knock-out enzymes!

Good books can put youza to sleep too but don't slumber till youza finishes that chapter so you don't have to re-read it tomorrow.  

Here's wishing you a week filled with abundacatnaps and hoping it's a nonCATstrophic week too! Pssst ... get ready for next week cuz we're gonna pawty hearty and celebrate my turning fab 5!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 9, 2011

SAY HEY On A Day In May!

Ever wonder where the term "Say Hey!" started? I do and I'ma gonna tells ya .. my very own San Franfunciscan ball catching pal, Willie Mays made  this Say Hey saying famoso. FurEyeDay May 6th, yep uh huh in 2011, me and myself went to Willie's Say Hey 80th Birthday Pawty at da Giganticats Ballpark - yep uh huh, me and a catzillion others paying tribute and pawtying with  wonnerful Willie. 

Stylish Say Hey pawty hats were given to us - theyza diverse, convertible and reversible. Wearing it this way is purrfecto for golfing or mousing on 9 hole greens.

Meowvalous to be with the aMAYSing Birthday Boy in his BOX when I stretched so much during the 7th Inning Stretch I passed out and catnapped.

Itza fur shure May is the month of birthdays fur Willie Mays AND Me & Myself. WOWza MEOWza I'ma turning 75 years more yungun than Willie and our birthdays izza just 20 days apart. Getting revved and wrapped uppa to celebrate my milestone like he did - hey itza like turning 21 in human years only I'ma not graduating from da Mewniversity. 

Youza only turns fab feline 5 once in yur life, and before I turns 6, youza can tickle me pink and say
The bestest gift youza can give me (and it duzn't gotta be wrapped up so itza Environmentally correctacat) is a donayshun for PAWS "Pets Are Wonderful Support" cuz theyza helps Seniors (theyza not old, theyza mature) and ill humans keep pets in their home when theyza can't take care of the pet - cuz PAWS sends volunteers to bathe yur pooch, bring free pet foods for the pantry, play hide n' seek with your kitty, take the dog fur a walk and take Miss Meowster to the dreaded Vet! Yep uh huh, PAWS is doggone meowvalous and theyza just opened up in New Yawk City!

Dontcha keep me dangling wondering bout my HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUIDO  purresent.
Pssst, come close cuz I gotta secret....youza can give just $1 for every one of my 5 years on this catzowey planet and dat really makes my whiskers wiggle and then I can get down from dangling and have a catasticat birthday pawty!

Wishing youza nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 2, 2011

Getting To The Wedding On Royal Soil

Of course Me and Myself were in London town for the Royal Wedding and catzowey I was purrivelaged to have my paws behind the scenes with loyal Royal security and top dogs. Checking out the bride's tingling Tiara was the thrill of all my 9 lives - itza da real bling thing fur shure!

Scotland Yards Guards gave me a job - inspectacat the Tiara  - from all sides uppa and downza.

Holy Cannoli! Imagine being the Tiara Transportation Meownager for the rehearsal at Westminstercat Abbey, yep uh huh like the night befur the big day. Without a doubtacat I wazza eyeballing da ancient mice under da Pews, as I purrranced royally and loyally down dat looooong aisle (transpurrting the Tiara of course!).

Itza fur shure the well groomed and a few doomed-dressed wedding guests had abundacat rodents racing around their ankles on the wedding day cuz The Abbey duzn't have a house cat. Hey... there's herds of purebred royal mices in da Abbey with lineage longer than the aisle! Now this guest's couture izza politicatically correct - repurrsenting our fine feathered furiends, our doggone good pooch pals and we meowvalous meowsters.

Time for tally ho, cheerio and HOORAY cuz itza May, my birthday month and I'ma in da pawty mode feeling feline festive fur shure cuz I'ma only turning 5 once.  Are youza curious as a cat to know what I PAWSatively wants for my birthday? Click yur paw right here to see
Guido's PAWSative Birthday Wish List

Wishing youza nonCATastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


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