August 6, 2017

Guido's Gotcha Day 11th Anniversary and He's Working It

Catzowey and more Catzowey!
I'm celebrating 11 years in my fabtastic forever and ever home 
and I wanna share some good stuff with you. Ready??  
This pic is me August 5, 2006 hours after I had selected my forever home 
at the huge age of 62 days old. Ahhhhh that's what everybody says ... Ahhhhhh yup uh huh,  I did grow into my ears!

 To celebrate my forever home anniversary, I
went to work cuz you know I'm a cat with a job.
Here's me in my Alo-ha-ha-ha shirt spreading love.

 Everybody at the seniors center for challenged folks
seem happy to see me & myself! And I'm purring
about being on the job cuz it's what makes life
meowvalous. (pssst ... can ya keep a secret? I'm 
a lil challenged with life stuff at times too - aren't you?)

Head massage on the job rocks! 

Just chillaxing and relaxing on the job - why not?
Hey some folks get written up for relaxing on the
job but I get massages cuz relaxing makes me feel feline fine on the job.

On my Forever Home 11th Anniversary week I gotta be out and about
and today on Sunday 6th of August I took me and myself to
visit a cool 96 years young man who recently got moved out from his home 
to another spot. As a cat I know change is not fun so I donned my SF Warriors
Jersey for his San Fran self and curled up next to this great gentleman.
Man cats unite!  And we both had a meowvalous visit. Cat chatted about whisker
trims and shaving - hee hee !

 Who knew August 5, 2006 that me being a lil smitten kitten 
could grow into a Cat With A Job? Don't  ever give up on
your dreams cuz ya never ever knows what might
meowvalously happen!

Wishing wonderful YOU the mostest meowvalous
and  non-catastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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