July 27, 2008

In PURRpetual Politicat Motion

Oh  catzowey guaranteed and agreed  - -  it's definicatly  a given that this mighty meowster is going to catnap through both, yes not one but absoluticatly two  upcoming political conventions even though I'm quite the poliCATically correct guy. But hey folks, these not so feline fun events can be snooze and you loose,  so  I'm trying to get my smitten kitten self into the catvention mode. What's an Italian Kitty to do? Well,  my purrfect  Italian paws and me went to a neighborhood  kitty caucus recently (with my pal Stanley) and here we guys are ... attentive creatures and definiCATly fine specimens of true tax paying pals. We followed all  the proPURR  Roberts Rules of Order and caused some disorder too but we won't cat chat about that! 

No matter what your party preFURance  might be (Democat, Republicat or Independikitty),  just be sure you're paws are registered and that you vote!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

July 20, 2008

Lighten Up Your Load

Go light mighty meowster go light - that's the message I received from Catinental Airlines and it's new regs for traveling, and my smitten kitten self is about to unravel PURRpondering how to travel – light! Just look at the size of my stripes! It's not like I can leave some at home to lighten the load! And since I pawsatively have to lug my catnip toys, luxfurious PURRcale sheets and organicat foods with me, (and toss ‘em up to the overhead bin) I’ve got to have celebricat styled buffed meowscles.

So, I’m working out ecstaticatically on my gymbokitty, pumping the paw iron in between abundacatnaps and you'd better believe my meowster self when I say .. I’d much preFUR to be mysteriously and seriously doing nothing. If you wanna be looking svelte and Italian buffed, here's "Guido's 4 Paws UP Meowvalous Guide To Looking Catzowey".

#1 ..... Always Strrrrrrrrrrrrrrretch before you start the workout!

#2 ..... You've got a bicep and a tricep (and I've got 9 lives!) so if you want to enjoy life like I do, work those arms ... Left, Right, Left up, Right Up again!!

#3 ..... Inspectacat to the scene: your gymbokitty equipment has gotta be in fine feline condition - and safe for the paws.

#4 ..... Always hold your weights securely while purring for a micro meowster moment. As fast as a cat can wiggle it's whiskers, you'll be in fantasticat shape if you follow proPURRly.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

July 13, 2008

Pulling Pawsative Strings

If you're perusing the news these days  I'm  catzowey sure  you'll agree it's not amewsing nor realisticatically meowvalous stuff.  Seems all the corporate fat cats (oops... they could be lean and mean) are trying to pull strings in their companies - so I thought I'd put my mighty meowster corporacat kitty capabilities to work too... cuz I love to pull a good string!  

But I can't spend too much time this week on smitten kitten stuff cuz I've gotta be catnapped and rested up for the  Purrfect Paw Signing Party I'm hosting  Thursday 7-17-08. Catzowey, I'm going to be pawsographing the fab cat book "Luxury For Cats" at my fave feline resort "Cat Safari" and it's a benefelinefit for the San Fran SPCA's Animal Assisted Therapy program. Oh yes, in deed, it's true and feline factual and satisfactual too that I'm in the program and visit a great adult day care center every 2 weeks called The ARC. It wiggles my whiskers and they smother and mother me with kitty kisses galore.  It's the cat's meow when I go to The ARC!  You'll purr to your kitty heart's content when YOU give back to your communiCATity.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

July 7, 2008

Pawsitively Great Kitchen Toys

Summer is the PURRfect time for fun and finding pawsatively grate stuff – oops I mean great toys! Today my paws stumbled upon this giganticat cheese grater and catzowey, I want to meet the mouse that can climb this mountain of cheese! Kitchen gadgets should be multi purrpose - you know, like a little useful and periodicatically playful, and according to my feline fave the Iron Chef and Diva Kitty, Cat Cora, (she makes my whiskers wiggle), we're supposed to have a fantasticat time in the kitchen!

And fantasticat day it is for this Italian kitty! I awakened this morn to catzillions of emails saying I'd won the CATSTER.com ‘Cat of the Day’ award ... but don’t take a catnap or you’ll miss seeing me as it’s just for 07/07/08 – a meowvalous moment in my mighty meowster life. It's grate! Oops and more oops, I mean in true Tony The Tiger fashion, it's grrrrrrrreat.

Ciao & Meow,

GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

July 3, 2008

Celebrate the 4th Catzowey Style

In true patrioticat fashion, I wish you a nonCATastrophic 
and catzowey cool  4th of July!
Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

Funtastic Finer Niners Funday On Sunday

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