July 27, 2008

In PURRpetual Politicat Motion

Oh  catzowey guaranteed and agreed  - -  it's definicatly  a given that this mighty meowster is going to catnap through both, yes not one but absoluticatly two  upcoming political conventions even though I'm quite the poliCATically correct guy. But hey folks, these not so feline fun events can be snooze and you loose,  so  I'm trying to get my smitten kitten self into the catvention mode. What's an Italian Kitty to do? Well,  my purrfect  Italian paws and me went to a neighborhood  kitty caucus recently (with my pal Stanley) and here we guys are ... attentive creatures and definiCATly fine specimens of true tax paying pals. We followed all  the proPURR  Roberts Rules of Order and caused some disorder too but we won't cat chat about that! 

No matter what your party preFURance  might be (Democat, Republicat or Independikitty),  just be sure you're paws are registered and that you vote!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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