August 3, 2008

Olympicats Awaken Your Eyes and Rise

Just days and meowster hours till the Olympics begin and I'm embracing my cataesthenics and healthy good foods to get my mighty meowster self in shape to watch the agile athletes (ah ha - yes from my comfy fantasticat feline paw chair at home), thus I'm PURRpondering over what Oatmeal is best for my meowvalous muscles (gotta be feline energized to watch the catzowey commercials!). Of course, being an Italian Kitty I preFUR polenta - but I'm opticating for good ol' fashioned Oatmeal to fuel my feline fantasticat self. Now the big question: do I pawsatively want Irish or Old Fashioned Oatmeal? Which would you opticat for?

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty


Anonymous said...

Dear Guido!
here is Giotto,your milanese friend..well,old fashion oat meal is my favourite,i have to say,even if my usual breakfast consist on a veri nice rice cookie dunked in grandma italian coffe....this has been my colazione for the past 19 years,and i am in splendid shape!
You've gotta tried sometimes!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Guido,here is Grisu; The Big Hunter,Giotto's brother from Canada..well,i've never tried oatmeal,but i sure agree with you on polenta!!
Mom makes it quite often in this house,she can cook it in soooo many different and delicious ways!!
And there is nothing like a real italian northern woman cooking you polenta...with risotto,they just grew up doing it!!
Come by to try my mom's polenta anytime!

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