August 17, 2008

PURRpelling Out Of My Chair

We've still one more meowvalous week of pawsatively awesome Olympics but the catzowey TV coverage is cutting into my catnaps. Every time USA wins a glorious gold, I launch out of my lavish lounge chair to have my whiskers pointed proPURRly when the National Anthem plays. Don't you think my evening agenda should be kicked back and casual? So vollying like a ball over the net, this up and down and back up and down again is making me an exhaustikitty these nights. You know the mighty meowster is a politicatically correct dude - autocatimatically my paws rise when I hear that Anthem and I stand PURRoud. My meowster manners are in tack!

Watching our increducatulous Michael Phelps win win win, and win win win win and win again (yep 8 times my catnap was interrupted to honor the Anthem), was a catzowey experience and he's as buffed as my Italian kitty self - maybe we atheleticats are related! Do ya think???

Yawn ... it's not feline frediculously foolish to know I've got to get rested up for the giganticat Closing ceremonies.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Guido,here is your friend Giotto the milanese doubt,you are in better shape than Phelps..that guy has nothing on you!!

Plus,if you'd ever compete in the Olympics,you'd also get a medal for being very handsome,so....go Guido go!!

You are our champion!!

By the in Italy too we are watching the games with much interest,and like you i salut the flag every time the italian anthem plays...

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