September 8, 2021

PURRRfect Time To Play Ball


Well Take ME and MYSELF out to dat ballpark!
But being up up up here at the Heavenly Catpuccino Cloud Cafe
I’ve got dat birdies eye view of my City By The Bay

Holy Cannoli - I used my MasterCat Card to buy a ticket with a closer view! 
Up here in the Heavenly place we have no limit on charging to our cards...
Wouldn’t you? 
And looks like I forgot to roll my mancat fur off my hat ... dangzatini! 
Looking like a cat been sleeping on my hat Or is it a Cat In My Hat?

Pssst ... it’s the rocking and rolling Baseball look - kinda hip hopster
dontcha think?

My super Giant friends made this Baseball card for me
so so so many years ago when I was playing ball in my hey day!
Do ya think it might be sold on e-Bay for 
a catzillion bucks?

Look at ME & MYSELF meeting & greeting the 
San Francisco Giants mascot LouSeal 10 years ago 
Dontcha think LouSeal was over the moon to meet me? Hee Hee

So Folks - I loves ya so so so much 
And as always I’m wishing you a NonCATastrophic week
Remember it’s September, a fine time to chase a ball till October then
ball chasing time is UH-OH-ver!!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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