December 22, 2018

Tis The Season For Some Ha Ha Ha & Some Ho Ho Ho

Catzowey! It's Cwismus time and I went out this
week to meet & greet the real really Santa in 
purrrson! He's smiling and didn't show any
stress from his busy week
He rocks to the Meowximum

Holy Cannoli - My EyeTailYun self has dressed up
in fine Holly Dazed fashion to visit my very
special seniors where I have my job as an
#AnimalAssistedTherapy cat  yup uh huh.

Hmmmmzatini! I'm trying to give Santy some
Santy Hat competition - what's you think?

Oh My Golly Ya gotta do the Fa La La Feline Chant Nowza Meowza

 Hmmzatini - I seem to be in love with Missus Claus
and blame it on my being EyeTailYun - cuz
we loves loves loves the ladies! Psst it's the time
of the Year to spread hugs!

Dontcha tell anybody but this is my 2010
chillaxing & relaxing on the Tree branches.
In my youngun days I was a wild child!

Pssst  It''s me and my sister Grappa  doing the Holly Dazed Pose. 

Buon Natale! That's EyeTailYun for 
Merry Christmas and I got my EyeTailYun
stocking ready for Santy Paws to fill

Me and Myself wishes you a meowvalous non-catastrophic
Holly Daze.  Be safe and warm and just know I love you and ya 
don't need to be doing Cwismus events cuz we all don't need
that stuff.  You are adored... yup uh huh you are! Buon Natale 
my friend!

Ciao & Meow & Buon Natale!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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