December 20, 2021

Ho Ho HO & Ha Ha Ha In a Heavenly Meowvalous Way

Ho Ho Ho and Ha Ha Ha-  The Holly Dazed Memories Really Rock
Here we go...down fabtastic meowmory lane

Pawsatively it’s me and Santy Paws! 

Holy Cannoli!
It’s me and My Staff on Cwismus Eve 2010

Dats me as a super duper well behaving Smitten Kitten & 
My lil bro Yolo with our Momma Baci not behaving
HO HO HO and maybe a catOHstrophic HA HA HA

Some of us dudes grow beards at this time of the year
even up in Heaven where we doesn’t have to shave.
There is no heavenly beard cream up here,
only Heavenly Catpuccino Cream.

Cwismus is a good time to reflect on merry ol’ times 
with the merry ol’ jolly guy.

Here’s me and myself meeting Santy Paws 3 years ago at my
job .. yup uh huh my job for 14 years as Animal Assited Therapy guy,
passing out Cwismus cards and gifts from kind folks to special folks.

I loved my 14 years of delivering the gifts 
& cards from all of you to my very Special Senior pals and
I’d dress up in fine feline festive fashion.

It’s me and my Staff with my lil
brofur YOLO in 2008 on our Cwismus card which
had something to do with playing ball, not green & red at all.
We boys were told  “look into dat Camera” so we did!

It's waaay back in 2006!

It’s me at 1 years old on our furry 1st Cwismus card.
Staff is looking so goofy, while momma Baci 
is purrrondering this moment & they’s got me dressed
up as mini meowster elfie!

My Staff and me always dressed up together to 
visit the special seniors at The ARC of San Fran. 
Still makes me purr thinking about our terrificat
Team Guido times...yup uh huh.


    Me & Myself are EyeTailYun and someone nice made me this
     Cwismus Stocking dat I loves so so so much.
    It’s da Boot Of Italy with my name so Santy Paws can fill it
    with Sicilian sardines & cappuccino catnip cookies.

    Merry Meowvalous Cwismas Wishes From me & myself to you!

    I wishes you a nonCatastrophic Holly Daze time. 

    And psssst up here in Heaven I will have my keen cat eyes on ya

    Be safe my friends -  I’m always & furever watching right over ya!


    (dats EyeTailYun for Merry Cwismus) 

    GUIDO the Italian Kitty


    November 25, 2021

    Happiest of Meowvalous Thanksgiving Wishes To You & You & You Too


    Thanksgiving this year is the mostest special day to give the thanks to everybody on earth and up at the Rainbow Bridge too even if they’s forgot to put on their Pilgrim Pants!

    Wishing You A Meowvalous Thanksgiving Day and hoping it’s non-CAT-Oh-Strophic & your FurEyeDay has some leftovers too!


    GUIDO the Italian Kitty

    October 10, 2021

    October 11 - I Has My Cat Eyes On The EyeTailYun Day Celebrations!


    BASTA PASTA it’s Happy EyeTailYun Heritage Day

    The Day everybody wants to be EyeTailYun!

    Wearing the country colors works meowvalously on me

    If ya wanna be EyeTailYun on this special meowvalous day

    then ya gotta look EyeTailYun..yup uh huh it’s for sure 

    When ya think of EyeTailyun fun folks ya may think of

    Pasghetti & Meatzaballs Chefs or a Holy Connoli Baker

    And if ya wanna thinks of something wonderfully wildly EyeTailYun, 
     think of my sistah Grappa cuz she’s got da booze bottles
    named after her wild self!

    Happy Columbus Day YUP it’s also Happy EyeTailYun Heritage Day
    Whatsa ever ya call it, Happy Day Wishes Tooza Youza!

    Amore from ME & Myself up at the 
    Heavenly Catpuccino Cloud Cafe
    Where we celebrate everything, everyday, and
    my MasterCatCard has no limits anyway!

    GUIDO the Italian Kitty

    September 8, 2021

    PURRRfect Time To Play Ball


    Well Take ME and MYSELF out to dat ballpark!
    But being up up up here at the Heavenly Catpuccino Cloud Cafe
    I’ve got dat birdies eye view of my City By The Bay

    Holy Cannoli - I used my MasterCat Card to buy a ticket with a closer view! 
    Up here in the Heavenly place we have no limit on charging to our cards...
    Wouldn’t you? 
    And looks like I forgot to roll my mancat fur off my hat ... dangzatini! 
    Looking like a cat been sleeping on my hat Or is it a Cat In My Hat?

    Pssst ... it’s the rocking and rolling Baseball look - kinda hip hopster
    dontcha think?

    My super Giant friends made this Baseball card for me
    so so so many years ago when I was playing ball in my hey day!
    Do ya think it might be sold on e-Bay for 
    a catzillion bucks?

    Look at ME & MYSELF meeting & greeting the 
    San Francisco Giants mascot LouSeal 10 years ago 
    Dontcha think LouSeal was over the moon to meet me? Hee Hee

    So Folks - I loves ya so so so much 
    And as always I’m wishing you a NonCATastrophic week
    Remember it’s September, a fine time to chase a ball till October then
    ball chasing time is UH-OH-ver!!

    Ciao & Meow
    GUIDO the Italian Kitty

    August 3, 2021

    A Gotcha Day ANY Day Is A Purrrrfecto Day


      August 4, 2006
    Me and Myself are being considered for a Forever Home 
                                 PSSSST ... dats my real sistah Aurelia on the right yup uh huh                            

                                                  Hooray it's my Gotcha Day - yup August 4, 2006                               

                                      Ecstaticat I got a new home and a built-in Momma Cat - Baci!

                                        Mama Baci cuddled me from day one and made me her son

                                                 Hey I'm EyeTailYun so I learned to love Pizza early

                                       I sure did become an Enviro-Kitty early - purrrtecting paper!

                                        I got stuck with a Staff who went nutzo holding me up up up!

                                                    And I had doggone funtasticat play dates too!

                                   In the new forever home it's impurrrtant to learn how to do dishes!

                                                Holy Cannoli ! I gots the VINO Boxes - great forts!

                                                I learned Gymnasticats early- Yup uh huh  I did!

                                           PURRROBABLY an Olympics move.. dontcha think?

                                            Don't tell anybody but I was always a smitten kitten! 

                                              THE END of MY GREAT GOTCHA DAY STORY

                             August 4, 2006 was dat bestest day of my life ever


                                            Wishing you a NONcatastrophic week!

                                               Amore & Kitty Hugs from Heaven!

                                             GUIDO the Italian Kitty



    July 3, 2021

    Feeling Flagtasticat on America’s Birthday

     Flags furl and unfurl on the 4th of July in the USA  - yup uh huh  cuz it’s our Fourth of July - it’s Flagtasticat!

    Yup uh huh, I’m paw meowsaging from up above at The Heavenly 
    CloudCatpuccino Cafe! I’m loving life up here and don’t have Staff telling me what I cannot eat! Hee Hee Hee

    It’s the awesome 4th of July weekend in my USA and for abundacat years I loved dressing up in the Red White & Blue too cuz I’m a patrioticat - Me and Myself was always large and in charge of the festivities on 4th of July.

     I had the dual Pusssports 
    in Italy and USA so I celebrates on 4th of July in USA 
    then I celebrates Columbus Day EyeTailYun style in October in USA .

    There’s nothing corny about the Fourth of July! 

    I wanna you and yours to be safe down there 
    on Planet Earth for this 1st Happy 4th in a looooooong time,
     and paws up 
    that your 4th of July
     is non Catastrophic too.

    Ciao and Meow and abundacat Man Cat Hugs To You!
    GUIDO the Italian Kitty 
    (just a little up above ya)


    April 15, 2021

    My Meowster Wings Have Arrived & They Fits PURRfect

                 Holy Cannoli Me and Myself has wings & flying first class too.
    Meeting and Greeting friends from life on Earth and Up here too at the
    Heavenly Catpuccino Cafe.
    I kinda likes not having to watch my Man Cat waistline now
    Howza you doing?
    Lemme know cuz my heavenly Wi-Meow-Fi is meowvalous up here.

    Wishing you a PURRRfecto abundacatical NonCatAstrophic Week

    GUIDO the Italian Kitty


    March 31, 2021

     I’m Flying In a Heavenly Way - FURst Class Too!

    Well  well well - they say sometimes ya just don’t know what the cards deal ya and in this case Me and Myself  got dealt dat Kidney Disease in July 2020. So I has the mostest meowvalous Staff on da Planet who helped me on Sunday, yup uh huh on Palm Sunday (psssst I’m an Episcocat so I loves Palm Sunday cuz I can always for the past 14 years play with those palms the Staff used to bring home from dat church)

    She helped me cross over the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday March 28th at 12:25pm PST and I knows her heart is broken but I’m so so so grateful to be out of pain and flying FURst class all around Heaven now

    Let’s remember the meowvalous times for sure - 
    Like hanging out together

    I had a job for 13+ years - yup uh huh coMEWting on the famous 
    San Franfuncisco Cable Car to my job with my silly Staff!
    I loved my job with the very special needs seniors at The ARC of San Francisco
    They made me purr - best paycheck ever

    Me and Myself just loved loved travel and 
    Hello Ha Ha Ha Hawaii always made me
    wanna share a Meow Tai with you!

    My Staff and me were “Team Guido” and we just grooved going everywhere together
    all over the Globe.

    My life has been Catzowey purrrrrfecto meeting and greeting 
     famous folks like Santy Paws!

    And crazy double  Catzowey! In 2008 I flew on a Jet Plane 
    to Hollywood to be on a TeeVee show with dat 
    famoso Signore Chuck Woolery.

    Signore Jackson Galaxy and me met in Hollywood and in San Franfuncisco
    and he said I was not gonna ever be on his TeeVee Show “The Cat From Hell”
    Hee Hee Hee

    My 13-1/2 years in Animal Assisted Therapy had me on the job
    meeting and greeting everybody.

    Yup uh huh my life has been meowvalous
    But now I’m in a new life just up above looking
    down upon all of you and Me & Myself are always hoping 
    you’re having a nonCATastrophic Day.

    Do me a big favor puhleeeze? 
    Give back to your CoMEWnity cuz they needs ya.

    Fino al nostro prossimo incontro

    Guido the Italian Kitty

    Funtastic Finer Niners Funday On Sunday

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