July 27, 2020

Holy Cannoli I'm Not Monkeying Around These Days

Me and myself are not monkeying around  these days
with the quarantine.
But we sure are happy to meet this
masked monkey dude .. aren't you?

Feeling Starstruck with Venus aligned with Jupiter?
Put on your Hollywood Dark Glasses but watch it from
INSIDE so ya don’t get out of your bubble! 
you cause dat covid trouble!

Well well well .... we EyeTailYuns know Red Peppers
are as sweet as a meowvalous kiss so
get yourself a rocking Red Pepper to
pump up your lips.

Hee Hee Hee - I swear it's true about Red Peppers
cuz my Man Cat meowster lips are pumped up & I'm
smiling wildly too!

Nowza Meowza  Me and Myself are
just hanging out after indulging in the
sweet heat of Red peppers and
feeling exhausticatted

Catowey! It's for sure, I'm chllaxing and relaxing cuz
ya may have heard I got dat Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease.

Yup diagnosed July 20th 2020
Dangzatini Me & Myself gonna beat this dude at his game!
So I ask you & your furmily to cross da paws, knees
toes, fingers, tails & whatever you can cross that
I gets bettah and back to feeling meowvalous
AND please join me at #TeamGuidoStrong
Cuz the power of the paws works !

Abundacat Hugs - HEALTHY HUGS of Course!
And cheers to YOU having a nonCATastrophic week

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

July 3, 2020

Hoorayzatini - Pass Me My 4th of July Meowtini

Can ya believe dat Spring sprung and now it's
some sorta sum sum Summer time already.

Me & Myself are in the sparkling mood for celebrating - yup even an
 EyeTailYun kitty
loves dat 4th of July day and this year it’s on CATURDAY ..Hoorayzatini !

 Licking my Man Cat chops cuz 4th of July
means abundacat foods - good stuff, yup uh huh!
Like barbecued everything, sweet taters with nip dressing and
super duper creamy pie.

My lil sistah Grappa is roaring ready and
looking kinda Patrioticatish too!

 Weeza been quarantined so many months here
dat if I didn’t see this sign when I was out driving my Cat-Oh-Lac
Me & Myself wouldn’t even know it’s the 4th of July cuz we missed
March, April, May and June too ... bummeroni.

We Meowsters are missing the normal 4th of July fun so weeza
reminiscing about fantasticat 4ths in our
past - here we are grabbing a tan one year at a pool pawty.

Don’t unfurl your safety and be sure ya distance your paws
 from other paws.
And pawsatively here’s my cheers to our 1st Not-So-Normal 4th of July,
but a healthy one for sure!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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