May 27, 2007

Spectacu-Cat 1st Birthday Celebration

Life has changed drasticatically since I was adopted from the the San Fran SPCA where I began life as an inky dinky kitten. But with my Italian genes and gusto galore, I now resemble an ocelot, I'm packing on the pounds (went from 2 lbs to 12+ and still eating Pesto Pizza) and I am finally ONE year old, which only occurs once in your life. Categorically speaking I have 9 lives but I still PURRportedly turn ONE only once. So this momentous meowster occasion was deemed the time to party but catzowey, it takes some planning I found out, and it pooped me out in the end.

Flowers ordered, check the water ... no fish or PURRposterous uninvited critters in sight! Party plans can progress.

Move on over Martha Stewart and Bare Pawed Contessa - my plates are politiCATically recycled and I swear by my kitten striped seat I have sat on every plate and they can now be re-used. That's recycling at it's best!

Birthday Rule 101: Hug your gifts and listen for any suspicious ticking noises. Not knowing what I was in store for (hey the box postmark was Oh Hi Ho), I donned my Commando-Cat jacket, a Kitty Couture gift from my beloved Kitty sitter.

This Italian kitty has gourmet whiskers and didn't want cannoli's or cake cuz I demandacatted the Planet's yummiest most delicate desert from American Cupcakes . Who wouldn't want these little cups O' cream whose logo says"lick frosting"! So I followed the bakers' orders and licked to my kittens content.

Paula Abdul and Simon too would give my soiree a 10-Paws Up and Platinum Purrfect score until.......

I passed out at my party! Hey, this smitten kitten was zonkered, so I curled up amongst all the guests and entered a deep sleep dreaming of buttery cupcake frosting entangled in my whiskers. Now that's the PURRfect catnap.

Was the "Birthday Boy" hat really necessary?

Abundacat thanks to YOU for catributions to my 1st year - a Mighty Meowster Memorable year. You are truly the Cat's Meow!

Ciao & Meow and now on to Year 2 - woo hoo,
The Italian Kitty

May 20, 2007

Jumbo Kitty Litter Box at Race Finish Line

Prolificatically speaking, everybody wears some artisticat costume to the Bay to Breakers race, a foot fest of calamities (or a paws party in the case of we 4-leggeds who trot our 4 legs a whopping 7 miles from the Bay to the Oceanside!) Ah ha, did someone say Beach??? The world's biggest kitty litter box awaits us at the finish line - catzowey woo hoo. But what to wear to this annual "Only In San Fran" event was a challenge for me as well as trying on my costume. How do I get into this thing???

Refusing to wear a blonde Paris Hilton wig to match my built-in stripes (hey she's going to have that look soon), I opted for the "Divine Diva Drag Kitten" look, and donned a whole Big Bird's worth of flamingo pink and set out for the race course.

Well, at least I was wearing my fur - look at these folks who dashed out their doors so early in the morn they forgot to get dressed!

And my pawsatively great shape and Italian tude took me to the finish line - unlike some others. Was it really necessary for this bear dude to wear a badge prouncicating "Out Of The Race"?Click on that photo and try to control your laughter. You bet your cat's eye that I hissed at him as I pounced past his passed out paws.

Stay tuned, I'm revving up for my 1st birthday party on Saturday and I won't be wearing flamingo pink.
Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

May 13, 2007

Time With The Fat Cat Of Bubbles

We're having bubbly abundacat colorful times here in San Fran and being I reside in a place that is a tad into fashion and filled to the paws with high cat-couture, I thought it cool to have better contact with everyone - no no, not as in pawing and a-mewsing you but as in colored eye contact lenses! So here I am, just 2 mini meowster weeks before my 1st birthday, trying on turquoise contacts (absolute-a-cat sensible disposables!) to see the world in a PURRfect blue mode: a meal of Blue Fin Tuna would be yummy, or a Blue Moon - oh yah it's famous for sure and I didn't see one this week, and rest assured this mighty meowster didn't squeeze the big paws into any Blue Suede Shoes either. Do you think blue works with my yipes stripes or should I go with the Dom Perignon green? Catzowey, this is one jumbo bottle (a fantasticat Magnum they say) and maybe there's someone inside...

Helloooo? Anybody hiding in there? I can't see you....come out to play and you can be at my birthday soiree. Hellooooooooo.....

Ciao & Meow
The Italian Kitty

May 6, 2007

A Cinco De Meow Mayo

Ayyyy cat carumba! My first Cinco De Mayo and your first 05/06/07 and odds are against all of us that even we cats with 9 lives will not live to see another one of these dates.

Hope you enjoyed your nonCATastrophic weekend while I was revving up my paws to learn latin dancing in hopes I could be in San Fran's Cinco De Mayo parade - a PURRrrrrrfect San Fran experience! Here I am learning a 2-Step Samba move (Reminder: they do it on Dancing With The Stars and if Heather can dance, so can this Italian Kitty as I've got 4 legs.)

Laugh if you may but my paws are doin' the Achy Breaky On Your Back Break a Bit Dance ala Billy Ray!

Catzowey - I'm catnapping in between dance lessons with my PURRfect partner, Loretta Lobster. It's exhausticating! And she has physical challenges too, but she follows my paws well so on to another week of mighty meowster antics. Wishing you a PURRfect week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian KittyPublish

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