May 13, 2007

Time With The Fat Cat Of Bubbles

We're having bubbly abundacat colorful times here in San Fran and being I reside in a place that is a tad into fashion and filled to the paws with high cat-couture, I thought it cool to have better contact with everyone - no no, not as in pawing and a-mewsing you but as in colored eye contact lenses! So here I am, just 2 mini meowster weeks before my 1st birthday, trying on turquoise contacts (absolute-a-cat sensible disposables!) to see the world in a PURRfect blue mode: a meal of Blue Fin Tuna would be yummy, or a Blue Moon - oh yah it's famous for sure and I didn't see one this week, and rest assured this mighty meowster didn't squeeze the big paws into any Blue Suede Shoes either. Do you think blue works with my yipes stripes or should I go with the Dom Perignon green? Catzowey, this is one jumbo bottle (a fantasticat Magnum they say) and maybe there's someone inside...

Helloooo? Anybody hiding in there? I can't see you....come out to play and you can be at my birthday soiree. Hellooooooooo.....

Ciao & Meow
The Italian Kitty

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